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What a week. I’m sure a historic week that we all have gold-gilded memories in our hearts about and will never forget. I could write reams reflecting back on it but I need to kick on with another revolution that we find ourselves in, and that’s the Jozi Real Food Revolution that you all co-create with us. 
I’ve been so busy this morning trying to catch up on mail and the last arrangements for the year with Christmas ordering that I’ve run out of time to write you something decent and reflective.
Luckily though, I do have an important article to share you. It was written by Tracy Tuck, a contributing writer for the campaign ‘Going the Whole Hog’, an initiative by Mark Fox, aimed at educating us all about what goes into commercial piggeries, the abuse that occurs there and why it is imperative that we choose pasture reared pork going forward. 
This article is especially topical now as we move into a Christmas season where gammon is the order of the day on many a festive table. 
Tracy’s article reminds us all what we are choosing when we choose commercial pork and why it is worth choosing pasture reared, please take some time to read this if you do eat pork. 
To those of you have had Richard Bosmans charcuterie and bacon lately, that comes from Glen Oaks Farm in the Hemel en Aarde Valley. This is same farm that the Christmas gammons are coming from.  
These pigs are raised mostly outdoors on pasture. There are no antibiotics or growth hormones in their feed. I’ve been chatting this morning to a butcher in Paarl passionate about pasture raised pork, he is adamant that this is the best pork he has ever seen as a butcher raised under the best conditions. This too is the butcher who has smoked the gammon for you using an age old recipe. 
Richard Bosman vouches for this farm too. I am going there in February so that I can get photos for you, tell you more about Charlie and his philosophy and get you into a closer relationship with them. 
We are currently chatting to Neil Boon about an on-going relationship from next year to get pork from this farm up to Jozi with better transport costs. 
For the Christmas gammons, we have had to fly them up with SAA Cargo which has been quite costly. They arrive this afternoon. 
Whilst you will end up paying a lot more for this than you do conventional, these pigs live for around 2 years whereas conventional pigs only 3-4 months. They aren’t caged, they live outdoors and are given space to forage, they also feed on acorns, it’s a different animal altogether.
 I advocate paying better prices for ‘real’ farmed food, eating less of and valuing it more. 
The gammons are flying up this afternoon (could conjure up a very strange picture in your head if you’re imaginative?:)). They will be here this afternoon. 
The Christmas ducks and geese are also arriving this afternoon so to all of you who have ordered – we’ll be mailing you through invoices and can deliver tomorrow or you can collect,, mails coming shortly:) 
To those of you who didn’t order gammons, I’ve ordered 1 or 2 extra. We can take more orders for ducks and geese for next week so if you haven’t placed an order yet but would like pastured duck and geese, please pop me a mail and we can squeeze in a last order next week. 
Whole chickens are in from The Free Range Food Company now, they arrived yesterday. 
We can also get fresh chicken in from them next week on Thursday. It is a day before we close so I can’t risk ordering if it means we have to freeze over the festive season close so please urgently pop me a mail if you want me to order fresh free range chicken for you for next Thursday. 
I’ll order purely on your orders then. 
Other news is that when we fetch the Glen Oaks gammons today, the Paarl butcher Neil Boon, has also sent us up some sausages made with Glen Oaks pastured pork, onion powder, sage, thyme, rosemary, garlic, fresh ginger and raw honey. There are no fillers or preservatives in these. I’ll have those up from the morning under ‘free range pork’. 
While we’ve got organic apricots in – you could do something lovely with these, grill or fry and serve on a bed of apricot pieces, wild rocket or baby spinach, grilled courgettes and some lemon juice….? Pork and apricot are great friends. 
We have only ordered a limited amount as I’m nervous to over order with holidays looming, so get your orders in as soon as you see the newsletter telling you that they are in. 
More pastured bacon and charcuterie from Richard Bosman is literally on its way in today, we’re expecting it any minute now. 
So that’s where it is all at. It’s been a mouthful about the sustainable Christmas table, I really hope we have helped you with options for truly free range and pastured farm fare this season so that we don’t have to support the misery that is conventional farming and can reflect on altogether more respectful relationship with animals, farmers, soil and the whole natural cycle there-in going forward. 
Wishing you all a peaceful day…I’ll be back tomorrow, please take the time to reflect on Tracy’s article – details of The Whole Hog campaign are with the article, please support them! 
Warmest Regards, Debbie

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