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Happy Wednesday. I hope you’re all eating great things and are well?
If you aren’t well, I do hope that you are making yourself green juice to booster up your immune systems and have brought some of the cough, colds and flu honey mixture from The Honey Bear to soothe the irritation of a cold or cough while at the same time boosting your immune system. If you missed the last article I did on medicinal honey, click here to re-visit.  
Welcome to all our new subscribers! Thank you joining our exciting real food revolution. A revolution in the way we relate to food and that has us consciously connecting to South Africa’s most sustainable farms. 
Once you subscribe and are in the fold of all the organic natter in Jozi, start supporting our best farms and become a part of the debate and dialogue, you are a Jozi Real Food activist for sure. It’s a real joy to watch this group of conscious people choosing real food and voting for not only their own health but the health of the whole – steadily grow in South Africa. 
I just wanted to pop off a quick mail now so that those of you wanting home delivery this afternoon still have time to order.
News of the day is that new stock is in of Harvey’s 100% Veldt Reared beef. I’m going to keep adding hyper links in these mails for the benefit for all the new subscribers. Click on them to access information on the farmers we use and prior articles that have been written about them.
We’ve got boerewors back in for those of you who think it might be time to start braai’ing again. Remember that the wors, biltong, dry wors and pattie range we do with Harvey’s beef – only ever has organic coriander, organic peppercorns – both certified – himilayan salt and red wine vinegar in the biltong. None of the other nonsense they add to conventional versions like sugar, msg, gm corn, gm soy and preservatives.
Aloe Dale also arrived yesterday with some great new fresh produce – our first lot of kale this Winter – covo is back, spinach, pak choi and other great greens. Organically grown cauliflower is in too – brocolli, cherry tomatoes, oranges, lemons, courgettes and more…if you can’t decide whether its worth making a trip over just visit – click on the online store and you can get a view of what’s in store. 
Also – if you’re looking for some inspiration for organic courgettes whlie we have them in abundance, see this recipe for Low Carb Parmessan and Zucchini Crumpets from The Secret Jozi Chef. Yes, they are Banting friendly. 
I have good and bad news for the delivery service, I’ll get the bad news out of the way first – we have had to increase the delivery fee to R60.00 for the northern suburbs. Through-out every petrol increase we have kept the delivery fee the same and it hasn’t done us any favours, we need to bring it in line with what it costs to transport. 
The good news is that the options are now up on the site at check-out to select free delivery for your first service and then to claim every 4th delivery free. So we’re finding ways where we can to encourage you to try the service and then to reward you for your ongoing support. 
Last but not least – if you aren’t on our FACEBOOK page – please like it and get on there as different information appears there – it’s the space where I can do shorter news clips and share issues that are current.
Today for example – there is a link to articles announcing that draft legislation called ‘The Criteria for the Commercial Marketing of Foods and Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Children, has been tabled by the Department of Health. This legislation will prohibit junk food and beverage companies from selling their products at tuck shops and advertising and promoting their food to children at schools.
This in my opinion, would be a monumental food revolution victory and I’m going to be calling on you to submit comments to the relevant authority at The Department of Health.The legislation is open for public comment until the 27th of August and you can bet your bottom Rand that a lot of pressure will come from industry to have this blocked.
Apparently there will also be pressure from school heads themselves to not table this as they rely on a lot of sponsorship from these dreadful companies. So, in other words, the health of our children should be compromised in order to raise funds for schools. I’m sickened that anybody in charge of the future of children can have an opinion like this. 
There will be a lot of lobbying from industry and the big food companies to not let this go through. We need a massive consumer pressure group to help push this legislation through. I cannot think of a more powerful start to getting junk food away from schools at the very least. 
I’m just waiting for time for a meeting with The Department of Health’s author of this report and to find out the best way for you to put your comments forward – but we need some great Jozi Real Food activism here – I know you’re good for it!:)
Stay tuned to the FACEBOOK page for details on how we are going to support this and how to sign the in-store petition and who to write to – in the meantime – please like the article on our FACEBOOK page and SHARE it to get the message out – we need a groundswell of consumer pressure to help get this vital legislation approved. 
Let me head off – for new subscribers – a summary of the online service is that if you order before 12pm Monday – Friday, we deliver your order that same afternoon. If your order comes in after 12pm, Sam will see you the following afternoon.
If you want to reserve stock and have it packed for you so that you can just run in to the store and collect it – same principle – just choose ‘collect’ at check-out.
New customers – your first order is free, regular customers every 4th delivery is free.
Staff on hand to help are myself, Sam, Cassandra and Michael.
If you want to come and visit us in store – you’ll find us at shop 31b, new upper level rooftop entrance – next to Sorbet – Bryanston Shopping Centre – Corner Ballyclare and William Nicol Drive. 
And don’t forget to pop in to see the new exciting store Pure Berry – downstairs – next to Checkers – sugar, additive, colorant and preservative free frozen yoghurt options, lots of organic produce on the menu for smoothies too and fresh raw juices. 
How about you come come visit us, grab a smoothie at Pure Berry and then head off to the Bryanston Organic Market tomorrow, or come visit us on the way back. 
Onwards and Upwards..
For and on behalf of The Jozi Real Food Revolution, 

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