Store Update and Why We Believe in Selling Yoga Mat Free Bread..


Of course the subject line is a touch sensationalist, perhaps a little dramatic and a smidgeon of exaggeration.
I think it’s an appropriate response though to the utter lunacy of a food system that can have an additive that goes into shoe soles and yoga mats sitting in everyday food, without anybody making a fuss.
I find the fact that this is ‘normal’ a dramatic deviation from what is sensible about food.
Call me old fashioned but I like wheat in my bread not shoe sole additives.
I think ‘normal’ is bread made with good flour minimally processed (stoneground unbleached), wild fermented yeast, water and salt, see my previous article on the topicTALKING BREAD. So when I get accused of being dramatic in my reaction to the same ingredient that sits in shoe rubber being in conventional bread, I feel a bit like I imagine Alice in Wonderland felt on a good day.
Who has lost the plot here? Is it us,  the consumers who have outsourced our pantry’s to industry and conveyor belts instead of farms? Is it the corporates who are putting all sorts of chemicals in processed food to extend shelf life to the extent that stores are filled with edible like substances but not true food? Or is it the food activists who expose all that industry doesn’t reveal? 
Emotional food activists also expose the true cost of choosing to be ignorant. The consumer who doesn’t read food labels, doesn’t prioritise nutrition, doesn’t care about what their children are eating and gets irritated by the work required to do so? Who is more insane I wonder? You’re fussing about how clean your child’s clothes are but aren’t concerned by what is going into their bodies? I don’t understand that. At all. 
Those of you who have known me for a while will know that I’m building up towards a tirade right now. 🙂 I am but I’ll save it for later to spare those of you who only want the store update and news of what is in store. 
So let’s get that out of the way – we’ve got a good selection of organic greens in right now – kale, baby spinach, baby asian greens, spinach, coloured spinach, fresh bunches of italian parsley and rocket, we’ve got great beetroot in from Ambersky Farm – the candy striped heirloom one as well as the golden globe beetroot. We’ve got lemons and avocados in, those gorgeous spiked african cucumbers you loved last week (you want to try these in your green juice), alfalfas sprouts from Kazi Farm and baby mixed salad leaves. 
New stock of Keith Harvey’s 100% Grass Fed Beef is in store – rump, sirloin, mince, some shin and meaty bones. 
We haven’t cut the forequarter yet, we’ll be doing that next week, if you are looking for bulk packs of brisket, chuck, short rib or stew on bone – please e-mail me so that I can get them cut and packed for you to collect fresh, otherwise we freeze them. 
If you buy a 5kg pack with a group of people you benefit from getting grass-fed beef at a fantastic price of R60.00 per kg – the same as the conventional equivalent – you can split the meat at home between friends, share and really go 100% grass-fed beef in an economical way.
You will also then be getting the best beef, the most flavourful beef is all on the bone I believe. I do need to cut to order though for bulk packs so please inbox Michael – michael@organicemporium with subject ‘BULK ORDER 5KG’S BRISKET’ or chuck or stew so that we can I can cut what you need and you can fetch it fresh. Michael will invoice you prior, you can do an EFT and then your meat is booked. What doesn’t go to order will get minced and go to wors, dry wors, patties etc otherwise we end up with too much forequarter. 
We’ve got in a new range of organic Italian deli items – pastas – white and wholewheat options with organic tinned Italian tomatoes and an organic olive oil. See new category o the online store called ‘Italian Organic Deli’. 
We got some organic jams and dried fruit free of the preservative sulpher dioxide from Tierhoek organic farm in store. 
We have a range of certified organic olives products in from Blue Sky Organics, fair trade and organic tea, organic chocolates from Gayleen, sourdough REAL breadwithout yoga mat. Free range eggs from Mooberry Farm and the delectable dairy fromThe Gourmet Greek which has many of you it seems salivating all over town trying to find. 
Great honeys and more…visit – click online store and whatever you see there is in store. 
I’m going to have to point you to our FACEBOOK page to find an article about yet another dubious hidden ingredient lurking in some store brought breads – azocarbonamide. 
I had a food journalist call me yesterday asking me for my opinion on this additive  – now more commonly referred to as the ‘yoga mat ingredient, in many store brought breads and baked goods. He was referring to an article written recently in the Sunday Times that I completely missed. I’ve put the article up on our Facebook page as well as some other articles and interviews of interest about azocarbonamide. 
I had previously written about a worrisome preservative lurking in bread called calcium propionate that has been banned in Germany. To read that in the archive, click here.  
How do we feel about the revelation of another dubious additive sitting alongside that one in bread? Add that to the fact that these questionable ingredients sit alongside contentious GM ingredients like soy and corn – what is the cumulative effect on our systems of all these ingredients combined I wonder? How do you feel even about the fact that is actually isn’t listed on the ingredients list?
My particular form of food activism these days focuses on highlighting farmers and producers who produce proper food with sustainable farming practices and traditional methods, and turning my head and view away from food ‘manufacturers’. 
I prefer nowadays to revolt by doing what I can to make great food from responsible farmers and producers more accessible to you, so that you do have the option of choosing real sourdough bread for example rather than the conveyor belt option filled with chemical additives to keep it viable. 
Every now and again though, I need to shout from the rooftops to expose information that is less than comforting. Talking about azocarbonamide in food is one of these occasions. 
The Sunday Times article is very comprehensive on the subject and in revealing which brands are using it. Please see it on our FACEBOOK page together with interviews on the topic or you can find a link to it on another website here. 
Like our page and share to get the information out. I expect nothing less from a Jozi Real Food Activist:)
Don’t fret. Re-focus and use your anger to fuel you to find the best farmers and producers in Jozi that don’t treat your children like lab rats. 
Read labels and avoid anything you don’t understand and for heaven’s sake when you see ‘flour improvers’ on a packet – we at the very least – should be asking ‘what does this mean?  What are these substances and if the store can’t answer that question –  you should leave and head for your nearest farmers market or a store that can. 
Most important – rediscover the joy in great food, real farms and whole ingredients. 
That said, I’m off to visit a potential new chicken farm – cross fingers that it is compelling. 
Last but not least, the journalist yesterday asked for my comments about an industry perspective that food activists are too emotional about food. 
I stand behind and for my truth – I believe that we all must be very emotional about nourishment. We must be more emotional about what we eat, not less so. 
Nourishment is about the cycle of life and about being connected to your birthright and inheritance which is abundance from nature when you respect her cycle. 
The cycle of life is all about a system of nourishment. We cannot connect to life without being emotional. We cannot connect without heart. Logic has its place and merit but it isn’t going to connect you meaningfully to the earth and to the abundance of nature. Focusing on food and how it is produced, together with cooking great food, will take you there, I promise. It is my life’s work to deliver this message that I believe so passionately in. I support you in getting emotional about your food and your right to GREAT food. 
If you aren’t emotional yet about what you put it in your body, I’d say – it’s vital that you become so. 
Onwards and Upwards with The Jozi Real Food Revolution, 


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