Linda reviews: Moonbean's Superfood Coffee Blend

6 October 2016

Linda’s product review: 

A new product I’m loving this week: Moonbean’s Superfood Coffee Blend 

Not your regular brew!

As featured in our newsletter of 6 October, Linda shares her excitement on one of our new products.

Now I would be the first to admit that I am actually not a coffee fiend at all. As Debbie can attest, I enjoy a green tea at our meetings and generally stick to plain black organic rooibos or make my own herbal tea.

But when I spotted the lovely packaging of the Moonbean Superfood coffee blend I was intrigued to try it out. I will admit I am such a sucker for superfoods!

I first started with the 14 gram single serving sachets and was captivated. I returned on three occasions for another few sachets before taking the plunge last week to buy bag of 12 servings. 

To me this ‘supper coffee’ is truly magical! 

It is a wonderful surprise that I now have my own special coffee that I enjoy as commercial coffees from coffee shops tend to give me a headache or make me feel jittery. A coffee upgrade for me!

I now relish my daily ritual of my ‘Superfood coffees’ with this without a doubt being a standout product of the week for me and one I would highly recommend.

I make mine using an Aeropress which is a single serving French press style coffee brewer and serve it with non-dairy milk which I froth up and add an extra dash of cinnamon. I usually make it with homemade almond milk or in the case of yesterday using cashew nut milk I made which gave it a creamy taste.

I am sure it would be truly amazing with raw milk or raw cream.

I realise that for true coffee lovers, it might not be strong enough compared to a double espresso. But for me it is the perfect amount of organic coffee and powerful blend of healing superfood ingredients.

The combination of the superfoods including raw cacao powder, wildcrafted chaga mushrooms, maca root, turmeric and lacuma gives an amazing and unique handcrafted flavour that I love.

In addition to the taste this ‘Superfood coffee’ has great anti inflammatory benefits which makes it a real super coffee!

The wild-crafted chaga mushrooms and maca used are known as powerful natural adaptogens to enhance our ability to cope with stress, mood-enhancing raw cacao, organic ceylon cinnamon to balance the blood sugar, turmeric to fight inflammation and lucuma for its sweet flavour, high beta carotene, B3 and iron content.

This artisanal super coffee contains the following ingredients: 

Certified Organic Direct Fair Trade Coffee, Wild-crafted Chaga Mushrooms, Certified Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Certified Organic Cinnamon, Certified Organic Maca Root, Certified Organic Turmeric, Certified Organic Lucuma.

It doesn’t contain any animal ingredients, is sugar free with no GMOs or gluten.

Moonbean superfood coffee

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