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It’s been so crazy here with all the focus on our new way of doing things that I haven’t found a gap to properly chat and connect with you other than sending through a whole load of updates about what produce we have in.
So I thought I’d take the time this morning to stop and write to you like I used to…in ‘those’ newsletters. I miss doing that. My intention is to get this business to a place where I have more time to write great articles for you, chat to you, cook with you and get out there and create more great real food experiences for you. Sharing our real food journey and experiences has always been what this is about and now even more so.
What has been so exciting this week, more than anything is just arriving in a different world. The exact same 4 walls where I work, have felt like a brand new landscape and the terrain is expansive and full of new opportunity and I’m excited. I’ve just gotten off the phone with a lady selling true Karoo lamb audited to protocols that ensure that it is only veldt reared on indigenous veldt and shrub and that include audited protocols for humane slaughter and I’m just about ready to bounce off the walls with excitement. There are farms out there doing it properly and we will represent the best of them and get food from farms like this into Jozi homes.  I’ll make sure we get our hands on some shortly for you.
I’ve had so many new farmers approach us this week – I’m more assured than ever that we can create a strong community that connects to a network of sustainable farmers so that we can all know our food and eat with clear consciences knowing that we are voting for the interconnected health of all.
I’m so excited I could spit! The Jozi Real Food Revolution is on!
Yesterday I spoke with a passionate organic pomegranate farmer that we’re meeting shortly who also wants to help with the design of the new Jozi Real Food site, I could go on, the whirlwind of new dialogue and interaction I’ve had this week tells me that we are onto something and my intention is that being a member of the Jozi Real Food Revolution enlivens your relationship to food and your health in ways that far exceed your wildest expectations.
Ambersky Farm is doing organic raspberries and we’ll have those for you shortly too, we do need to freeze them regrettably, they don’t transport or keep well and it’s from one bush so she’s collecting what’s ripe everyday and then freezing it until we have enough. There’s so much going on, this journey is about to get really colorful.
Sam is now sitting at my old desk and learning about modern day hazards like over-flowing inboxes and the value of to-do lists and the mania that comes when you don’t manage either of those.
The response we’re getting to the idea of the Jozi Real Food Revolution has been fantastic, not only in that we’re seeing new faces who just want to start making down to earth real changes to their diet, but also we’re getting contacted from potential new farmers who are loving the language of community and co-operation that the real food revolution talks to.
I fear that when the focus was only on organic, it didn’t feel as accessible to people as it does when we talk about real life, real food and just making real changes by eating produce out of good soil by connecting to real farms.
The road has broadened to include other shades of sustainability and includes farmers who are doing their level best to farm responsibly. It’s not always feasible or appropriate for all farms to go for organic certification and sometimes it’s a hindrance. What farmers are looking for is consumers that wants to talk to them, understand them and help them make their farming sustainable. I’ve been so encouraged of late to hear more and more farmers feeling encouraged to approach us and raise their voice.
The Jozi Real Food Revolution is for everyone.
The way forward, I believe, is to respond to the call that is happening globally for collective effort. A revolution that involves farmers, community, retailers and all food craftsman will have far greater impact than the silos and divisions we’ve seen in the past where the farmer, retailer and consumer operate without any real understanding of the other.
The Jozi Real Food Revolution stands for closing the gap between you and the farmer so that you can get enriched with real food and the soil that produced it in turn gets enriched and grows while farm fresh sustainably produced food becomes more accessible to all.
I’m clear that Jozi needs a revolution in values and is soul hungry for them.
Shopping mall and chain store culture and the soulless mass production that comes from it has so many of us hankering for value again. Real value and the satisfaction of knowing that you have access to something that was made with care, love and attention to detail. The kind of quality the conveyor belt can’t match, the kind of quality that comes from the artisan.
A responsible farmer is God’s artisan; he tends the soil and cradles nature gently to support her in her ability to produce life. He does not destroy acres and acres of soil to grow conventional crops sprayed with pesticides while he props up dead soil with artificial fertilizers.
We will make more and more of this produce from this type of farmer accessible into the future.
The more people that we have on board buying this food, the more acreage of soil that gets tended to produce the most nutrient dense produce.
I’m so excited, there is so much to this and it will broaden and become more and more as it gains momentum and we find more members to participate in this community.
I was thinking out loud yesterday about what my ideals for the Jozi Real Food Revolution are, what I intend for it to mean for you if you’re a member and this is what I came up. This is a work in progress and I hope to expand on this and make the wording more impactful as we go along but here is the start, let me know what your thoughts are, is this meaningful for you and what would you add?
This is how I see it:
As a member of the Jozi Real Food Revolution, you will get access to:

  • Sustainably Produced Food From The Best Farms
  • Information and Connection to The Farms Producing Your Food
  • Real Whole Unadulterated Nutrient Dense Food
  • Information about Food, Farming and Nutrition that Empowers You
  • Real Farms and Meet Real Farmers
  • A Like-Minded Community of Food Activists Like Yourself
  • Recipes, Cooking Tips and Cooking Demos From Real Food Chefs and Artisans
  • Invitations to Real Food Events and Tastings
  • The Best Artisanal Hand Crafted Food In Jozi

That’s just the start…

What do you want the Jozi Real Food Revolution to mean to you?


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