The Jozi Real Food Revolution – New Service from 15 April

newsflashNewsflash A Revolution Has Begun

From next week, we’re going to do our best to take this food movement a pace forward by making more sustainably grown food from great farms, more accessible to more people.

It’s been a long journey to get to a place where we’re ready to risk going large or going home as we say, and now is the time and the Jozi Real Food Revolution is on.

I think that we’ve got enough supply to take a greater risk on your behalf and I am going to be focusing a lot more on marketing, customer education and doing what I can to move the Jozi Real Food Revolution paces forward.

A revolution is made up of multiple acts of support and subterfuge from sectors of society. The Jozi Real Food Revolution is all about buying transparently from real – sustainable – responsible – great – local farms who farm organically and work with nature not against her. It’s about doing what we can to increase the support for them as well as encouraging more farms, more restaurants, and more retailers to stock responsibly farmed real food.

This means that we need you as a Jozi Real Food Ambassador. The more accessible and mainstream healthy eating becomes, the more people can vote against refined and processed food by voting with their trolley and their purchases and their food choices.

We need you to spread the word, help educate others by talking about what you’ve learnt about food and pointing people to responsible stores and responsible restaurants who are supporting the greatest asset we have – our local sustainable farmers.

In the next couple of months, I will be forming a new identify for us, with you, for the Jozi Real Food Revolution and creating a space where we can interact more meaningfully and co-create this together. I’ll flesh this out, bit by bit and it’ll become more as we move along but for now the start of it happens next week with the new service.

Instead of selling virtual stock every Monday depending on what the farmers have growing for the week, we are going to ask the local farms to deliver through-out the week. We will hold fresh produce and move it out to you quickly. This means that you can place your order and receive it either that day depending on the time you order, or the following.

Summary of the New Service:

The store will only reflect produce we actually have on hand. Once the last bunch of carrots has been ordered, you cannot order it on the store until new produce has arrived so you never have to worry about ordering something that we can’t get or that doesn’t arrive. If it is up on the site, it means we have it and can get it to you.

The catalogue will be a lot smaller as we will only be dealing with fresh produce from real farms. The focus for the start and our opening catalogue of produce will be from the following farms – Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Veldt Reared Beef, Mandy’s Free-Range Chickens, Mandy’s Dairy and Eggs from Grass-Fed Cows, Goat Peter Cheeses, Local and Organically Grown Produce from Monaghan Farm, Wensleydale Farm, Chartwell Veggie Patch, Aloe Dale and Ambersky Farm as well as the Sourdough Bread from Paris Patisserie. We will carry the olive products from Waverley Hill as you like those, the Crede Oil Coconut Oil and the Hummus from Fatima McAlistair that you also like. We will be discontinuing all other peripheral products. We have learnt through 3 years of your buying patterns that, that is what you want from us primarily. We don’t sell much of the personal care products and the refined products like jams and sauces etc., so it doesn’t make sense for us to keep them, but rather for us to focus on we most believe is required to revolutionize the Jozi Real Food space and that’s just the best food from the best farms. If there is something that you loved that isn’t up anymore, please pop me a mail so that I can point you to the easiest way to source it. If there is something else that you are adamant that we should be stocking that as part of the Real Food Focus from Real Farms – please chat to me.
This is the starting catalogue and we will be growing it as we get more farms on board.
The store will be open every day for ordering. If you order from Monday – Friday – before 12pm – you will get your order that afternoon.
Orders received after 12pm on any day will be delivered the following afternoon.
Collections. If you place your order before 12pm – you can collect on the same day between 2pm and 5pm from our Bryanston collection point in Cambridge Road.
If you order after 12pm – your order will be ready for collection the following afternoon between 2pm and 5pm in Bryanston.
Any orders placed over the week-end will be delivered on Monday afternoon.
The orders are confirmed as per usual on the website, with a matching credit card payment.


We’ll start it like this and see how we go and make changes and adjustments as we go in response to how you use the service and what works best and what doesn’t, so please keep communication with us open.

If you don’t like the quality of any of the produce you receive – always let me know.

We will always credit you for produce that you didn’t love or find great and the feedback allows us to correct any quality issues we may have.

We equally love hearing about what you love, similarly it allows us to focus more on that farm.

So let’s do this.

I’m going to be asking you for regular feedback. I also want to know how you feel about our move and to help shape the Jozi Real Food Revolution through real activism.

To start your role as a Jozi Real Food Ambassador – I need you to share the information that real food from real farms is accessible at any opportunity you get. Share and like our Facebook posts, get your friends to sign up for Jozi Real Food updates – let people know that there is an exciting and budding new community coming into their power in Jozi and we will change the Jozi eating culture for the better. Farm by farm, mouth by mouth.

I will do everything in my power to make this a meaningful journey for you so that you being a real food ambassador is something that actively makes a difference to your everyday world.

That’s my mission.

If you have signed up for the updates – you’ll get more regular feedback from me now about what is in and what’s new so that you can decide when it best makes sense for you to place an order. When new exciting things come in – I’ll give you a heads up through the updates – I’ll continue with articles, recipes and natter so that we’re all connected and I’ll be focusing time and effort once we’re into the new service to creating a vibrant place of community that we can all share in and learn from and participate with. Food is about connection and nourishment and the more powerful we become as a voice and a community, the larger difference we can make to heal the earth by getting more farms to heal the soil and all the life that springs forth from it.

Thank you for being on board for the ride.

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