The Store Is Open and Keeping It Real Simple..

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We’re back. The store is open for 2014 and I’ve got too many words.
It’s great to be back.
I think you get great perspective on your life when you get away and perspective on the people that matter. You notice who you missed and whom you didn’t.
Getting back to those you missed is a pleasure.
Today has been a lot of saying hello to faces I’ve missed and catching up. Liberty, Sam and Cassandra are all back in, all with great energy and we had our first meeting of the year interrupted twice by new produce coming in, never something to complain about so all is good.
I was hoping to send out a newsletter earlier so that you had time to get your orders in before 12pm if you were wanting delivery this afternoon but it was a touch unrealistic.
So we’re getting back into it, it’s great to be back in this seat chatting to you like this again and talking Real Food.
I spent a great deal of time yesterday getting some great real food cooked for the fridge so that it’s there for easy lunches and suppers. This week is going to be very full, OE opens, my daughter starts Grade 2 on Wednesday, my son turns 21 on Friday, goes in for a shoulder operation tomorrow and my to-do list is funky so I had to get easy food organised which meant dedicating some time to the kitchen yesterday.
Not a great deal of time though for what I get out of it and I wanted to chat to you about that.
In anticipation of a busy week, my husband made a huge pot of bolognaise, I roasted 2 huge chickens from the Free Range Food company and I decided that I’m going to urge you to do just those 2 things this month as part of your real food journey, if you’re new and wandering where to start.
It’s a great idea to get into the habit of making bolognaise and roasting whole chickens each week so that for days when there is little time to cook you always have a good grass-fed beef mince on hand and cold chicken pieces handy.
I’d also urge you to get into the habit of soaking and sprouting nuts so that you’ve always got nuts around you for snacking. It isn’t at all work, really – last night I put nuts in a tin with salt and filtered water. Not hard, a 2 minute job. This morning I drained them, and before work left them out in the sun to dry.  Maybe that took 5 minutes. When I get home I shall pick them up and put them back in the tin. Done. 10 minutes max in total and it means for small effort I’ll have easily available nutrition through-out the week for myself and my family.
I think we need to spend time on this, this year, how do we make the transition to eating real food, simple, easy and fun and not a complicated chore? It does mean spending more time in the kitchen, taking control back of your nutrition from corporate food will mean this but we can do this simply and get out maximum nutrition for minimal time.
Making real tomato sauce has everybody raising their eyebrows – yet really, I’m talking about worst case scenario 5 minutes to heat some organic herbs in butter or olive oil and add a tin of organic tomatoes.
Pour it into a glass jar, pop it into the fridge – it takes a shorter time to do this than to park your car at a store, walk though an aisle and buy the conveyor belt version loaded with nonsense and very little real food.
It’s a mind-set shift and I want to help you with this and learn more myself. How do we do great nutrition and convert to a real food lifestyle simply and when time is limited?
Take today for example. Our domestic help has left so I get home to mayhem after a full day, I’m not going to have the time to produce a master piece of a meal, but we’ve got large marrows in today.
So all I need to do now is get home and steam the marrow for 20 minutes. When it’s cooked, I’ll scoop out the flesh, mix it with bolognaise – put it back in the marrow and pop it into the over perhaps topped with some goat’s milk feta to grill. While that’s in the oven,  I can throw together a great salad and really we’ll have a great meal containing no nonsense done in 30 minutes, most of those cooking minutes not prep time!
I’m going to focus on ‘simple’ this year. Remind me, if I get all complicated.
Our Jozi lives are very full and very demanding. We know this and we’re all for different reasons living with to-do lists that overwhelm. I’m beginning to realise that if we don’t acknowledge this and work with it by focusing on making real food, accessible and easy and convenient and not another chore, we’re going to keep grabbing refined food because of the lack of time. We need to keep this simple, light and fun.
What too often keeps us from eating proper food is the lack of readily accessible easy food, refined convenience food then fills the gap and failing health is the consequence.
If you’ve always got cold chicken pieces in the fridge from free-range chickens, a pot of bolognaise made with grass-fed beef – you have easy food to quickly add vegetables to for lunches and suppers.
Just getting that down as a habit is a great start. It’s literally only 40 minutes max to get both on, then you leave them to cook and it makes the world of difference. I got  heap of great new recipes from a book ‘The Real Meal Revolution’ this festive season. I’ll chat more about the book and their recipes in tomorrow’s newsletter but it was my read of the holidays together with ‘Wheat Belly’, another great read.
As you can see  I’ve got too much energy and too much to say!
Store News! 
The first batch of the years freshly baked artisanal sourdough loaves are in, on the grass-fed beef side we’re expecting new batches of Keith Harvey’s 100% Grass Fed Beef in end of January, we have some stock of Braeside steaks to keep you going in the meantime.
New stock is in of Mooberry Farm’s raw milk,  butter, yoghurt and boschveldt eggs. Goat Peter goats milk and cheeses are in.
Organic fresh produce in – bananas, kale, large marrows (the huge ones that are great to cut open stuff with mince and cheese and bake), sweetcorn, Ambersky mixed veg packs, cocktail tomatoes, lemons, parsley, bay leaves, cucumbers, gem-squash, broccoli raab, mustard greens, okra, radicchio, steamed veg packs, roast veg packs and salad packs, baby marrows, apple juice, blackcurrant juice and more coconut water.
New stock of honey is in including a new wild raw honey from the coast from a passionate bee-keeper whose farm we stayed in over the holidays. The honey is solar extracted, meaning the honey combs are left out in the sun for the heat of the sun to release it from the comb, no other heating at all.
Trevor from Seaforth Farm removes bee hives from all over the area from farms and people that don’t much appreciate them, re-hives them and sells us the beautiful honey.
The surrounding farms are litchi and macademia farms, none using pesticides – in fact his neighbour uses fruit bats to control the population of litchi flies that can plague litchi orchards. It’s great honey, it’s the only coastal honey I’ve ever tasted, it’s dark, rich in propolis and very sweet in a fruity sort of sense. Not in the caramely sort of sense that Boekenhout is for reference:)
Sam is just off to fetch some new stock of Peter’s Super Natural Ice-Cream.
I will be back tomorrow as there is so much to chat about.
For new customers – a reminder that how the service works is – online orders placed before 12pm daily, will get delivered that very same afternoon. Orders placed after 12pm will be delivered the following day. 
Online collect orders – order before 12pm and you can collect your order all packed the same afternoon. 
Everything available on the online store is available at our farm direct store at 4 Cambridge Road, Bryanston – opening hours 8:30 – 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings 8:00 until 12:00 noon. 
Welcome back, let’s make this year the most nutritious and rewarding ever. Last year we kept it real, this year, we’ll aim for real AND simple.
Simplicity and Authenticity. What a fresh combination.
How about that?

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