The Store Is Open For 2013, A Festival of Tomatoes and Peaches in Clarens..

Organic produce

Organic natural local and whole food in Jozi

The store has been updated and is open for 2013.

Welcome back and compliments of the new season to you all.

I couldn’t express enough how much I’ve missed you and this space.
It’s great to be back in my organic world again, particularly after the break where I remembered what it feels like to battle to find decent food.
Summer’s Bounty Shining In All Her Glory…
It has been an exceptionally busy morning, Summer’s bounty is bursting out at us.
The lists from the farms today have been FANTASTIC.It has made it take very long to update the store, but I can cope with that type of busyness when it’s because there’s a whole festival of summer tomatoes in season. The pure joy of it….
These are always my best weeks at Organic Emporium – tomato season.
Have fun making tomato salads, remember basil is always in season with tomatoes so don’t forget to pair tomato salads with basil and don’t forget the buffalo mozzarella to go with that too! Nor the olive oil, salt and pepper….
I remember doing some recipes last year that were fantastic with heirloom tomatoes. I’ll haul those out this evening and get them up on our blog and send links to you tomorrow.
Welcome New Customers…
To all our new subscribers joining us for the year – a warm, warm welcome….you will find this journey in conscious eating rewarding on so many different levels. It is indeed a journey that links you to the knowledge of how everything is connected and as you heal your own health, you heal the health too of the soil and earth that hosts you….and that’s a main thing to do:)
Changes To The Newsletters…
I’m not going to make these newsletters full of content anymore on Mondays, it delays the opening of the store and it’s counterproductive because so many of you don’t have the time to wade through masses of content to find what you need.
What will change this year is that I’ll rather break information up into chunks and load it up on a blog and I’ll send you the links so that you can get to whichever article you want to.
Monday newsletters then will just mainly cover the weekly list, and during the course of the week and of course on Tuesday morning, I’ll send you links to articles as they go up.
Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll be loading up all old content into articles on the blog, so that you can quickly access recipes or organic related articles or information about the farms and what we’re selling, easily.
A quick refresher of the process:

  1. We update the store each Monday morning with the week’s availability as we get the farmer’s lists in…
  2. We then update the store and send out the newsletter once that is done so that you can see what we have
  3. You can then place your order up until 2pm on Tuesday. Sometimes we extend the store closing time, I will let you know if we are
  4. We then home deliver to you on Friday or you can collect from our Bryanston collection point at 4 Cambridge Road,
  5. You will need to be set up for online payments with your credit card, with your bank
  6. Your credit card payment will confirm your order.

Please give us a call if you would like any assistance getting your first order through.
That all said, here is this week’s list and then a beautiful summer recipe for a peach and spinach salad that I made in Clarens recently….

What to look out for this week:

  • Dairy  –   Authentic Buffalo Mozzarella from Wellington – Mozzarella di Buffala, Bocconcino, Buffalo yoghurt, Rockwood Mild Cheese (great for salads), Buffalo Feta and Buffalo Fromage Blanc (Mascarpone/Crème Fraiche)…Pasteurized Free-Range Milk from Grass-Fed Cows; Mandy’s Local Grass-Fed Dairy and Free-Range Chicken Farm -Butter and Cream, Feta and Halloumi in large farm style 300g tubs, Double Thick Green Style Yoghurt and Natural Yoghurt, from Pastured Cows (no growth hormones, antibiotics fed to the cows and no artificial additives or preservatives in the yoghurt) – Goat Peter – Sills (gouda style), La Punt (cheddar style), Goat Chevre – in Plain, Black Pepper, Garlic and Herb, Pecan Nut and Cranberry , Goat Peter Kefir, Grison (pecorino-style cheese), Halloumi, Cottage Cheese and Ricotta, Goat Milk and Goat’s Yoghurt..
  • Fruit –   Certified OrganicNew! Blueberries,  New! Plums, New! Lemons and Bananas
  • Dried Fruit   – Superfood White Turkish Mulberries, Toasted Coconut Chips, Dried Mangoes, Goji Berries, Good Life Fruit Mix, Dried Naartjies, Plums, Raisins, and White Turkish Mulberries,..
  • Vegetables – Certified OrganicNew! Red Onions, New! Green and White Whole Pumpkins, New! Baby Marrows, New! Urinal, New! Sweet corn, New! Butternut, New! Cocktail Tomatoes, New! Cucumber, New! Green Peppers, New! Roma Tomatoes, New! Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, New! Cocktail Tomatoes, New! Green Beans, New! Gem squash, New! Green Peppers, Spinach, Spring Onions and Fennel. Naturally Grown (Non-certified grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides) New! Cocktail Tomatoes – Mixed Heirloom Varieties, New! Large Tomatoes – Mixed Heirloom Varieties, Potatoes, Chinese Cabbage, Turnips – Golden Globe,  Garlic Chives, French Chives, Spring Onions, New! Covo, New! Green Peppers, New! Green Beans, New! Horseradish and Kale.
  • New Category – Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed Sourdough Loaf…See under ‘Bread and Tea Loaves’..
  • PicklesNew! Pickled Baby Artichokes and Eva’s Pickled mushrooms
  • Mandy’s Chicken and Eggs– Mandy’s Boschveldt Eggs – Your Favourite Free-Range Chicken – Back This Week...Whole Chickens, Thighs, Breasts, Wings and Drums..
  • Coffees, Teas, Sweeteners & Carob – Pure Canadian Maple Syrup – Food Grade A and Grade B Medicinal, Raw Agave Nectar Syrup, Organic Carob Powder, Chai Carob Drink, Organic Coconut Sugar, Ethiopian Coffees (unsprayed) from The Green Bean Roastery, Raw Boekenhout Honey, Chocolate and Macadamia, Chocolate and Almond Honey…and Leafy Greens Raw, Organic Brown Sugar and Swiss Herb Sugar Mixes – Cinnamon, Lavender and Vanilla…
  • Grains and Flour – Organic Brown Cake Flour, Organic Rye Flour, Organic Millet Flour , Organic Oat Flour, Organic Buckwheat and Organic Nutty Wheat.. Organic Amaranth, Buckwheat, Digestive Bran, Millet, Red Quinoa, Quinoa and Spelt…
  • Herbs, Spices, Stocks and Salts – Oryx Organic Black Peppercorns, Tarragon, Blood Sorrel, Savory, Dill,   Basil, Salad Burnett,  Tarragon, Rosemary, Italian Parsley, Sage, Thyme, Curled Parsley, Coriander, Wild Rocket, Rose Geranium, Watercress, Sweet Rocket, Kalahari Rock Salt, Himalayan Salt, Onion Flakes, Chilli Powder, Cinnamon Sticks, and Vanilla Powder, Kallo Organic and Marigold Organic Stock Cubes…
  • Jams and Marmalades – Swiss Herbs – Mulberry and Peach, Tomato, Strawberry and Lavender, Strawberry and Mulberry, Fig, Lemon Marmalade, Mango and Peach, Mango, Strawberry and Lemon and Strawberry and Vanilla and Leafy Greens Black Fig Jam..
  • Legumes and Sprouting – Adzuki Beans, Black Beans, Chick Peas, Green Split Peas, Mung Beans, Red Lentils, Red Speckled Kidney Beans, Soy Beans, White Kidney Beans and Yellow Split Peas…
  • Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef – Brisket Roast, Short-Rib, Beef Fat (make your own lard), Boerewors, T-Bones, Burger Patties, Prime Rib Steaks, Bone In Shin, Soft Shin, Marrow Bones and Roast Beef Joints…
  • Muesli & Cereals – Good Life Raw Mueslis – Fruit, Millet, Barley, Cocoa Nibs and Rosehip, Plum and Pecan, Gingko Gluten-Free Mueslis and Rolled Organic Oats…
  • Nuts, Seeds & Snacks – Pecans, Chia Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Trail Mix, Popcorn, Pumpkin and Sesame Seeds – New Raw Sprouted Range from Leafy Greens – New! Selection of Raw Nut Butters, New! Coconut Agave Cashews Sprouted, New! Honey Sesame Pecans Sprouted, New! Mesquite Agave Walnuts Sprouted, New! Mixed Sprouted Nuts and Pomegranate Arils, New! Sweet Chilli Cashews Sprouted and New! Vanilla Agave Pecans Dehydrated – see under Raw Convenience Foods/Leafy Greens……
  • Cocoa and Chocolate – New! Vivani Organic Chocolate – Dark 85%, Dark 70%, Dark with Chilli, Full Milk 37%, White Vanilla Chocolate, Dark with Peppermint, Milk with Wild Berry Granola Crunch, White with Strawberries, Dark with Green Tea and Mango, Dark With Cranberries, Praline, Milk with Caramel Cream, Good life Organic Chocolate Chips and New! Montezuma Mini Milk Chocolate…
  • Condiments – Coconut Milk, Fresh Harissa Paste, Fresh Tahini, Dijon Mustard, Red Wine Jelly, White Wine Jelly, Organic Rosewater and Organic Tamari…
  • Cordials and Juice –Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Drinks – Lemonade, Ginger, Apple and Raspberry and Cranberry…
  • Gingko Gluten-Free Baked Goods – New Range of breads, quiche, cakes and macaroons … Buttermilk Corn Bread, Buttermilk Whole-wheat Loaf, Fig and Date Loaf, Gluten-Free Multigrain, Oaty Banana and Raisin Bread, Maple Syrup and Walnut Granola, Spicy Apple Date and Almond Granola, Luxury Cranberry and Hazelnut Granola , Tropical Coconut, Dried Banana & Macadamia Granola, Wheat-Free Coconut Granola and a range of cookies and biscuits….
  • Noodles – Organic Black Rice Noodles, Organic Brown Rice Noodles and Organic Pumpkin, Ginger and Brown Rice Noodles and Organic Sweet Potato and Buckwheat Noodles..
  • Organic Olive Products – Waverley Hills Olive Oil, Tapenades and Olives..
  • Pastas, Rice and Couscous – Wensleydale couscous, Wheat, Rice and Spelt Pasta..
  • Raw and/or Vegan Convenience Foods – Leafy Greens –  Banana Walnut Bread, Macadamia Cacao Slab, Mesquite Agave Walnuts Sprouted, Raw Vegan Caramel Chocolate Salted Tart, Raw Vegan Tiramisu, Honey Sesame Pecans Sprouted, Cinnamon Vanilla Pecans Sprouted, Raw Florentine, Raw Goji Berry Bar, Raw Sprouted Dehydrated Granola With Oats, Raw Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake and Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake …
  • Soya – Eden Soy Milks – Unsweetened, Sweetened and Vanilla……
  • Superfoods and Ayurvedic -Chia Meal, Trail Mix,Maca Powder, Mesquite Powder, Raw Kelp Noodles , Hemp Seed Shelled,Raw Agave,Turkish Mulberries and Goji Berries, Chia, Cacao Paste Butter and Powder, Spirulina, Hemp, Baobab, Camu-Camu and Lucuma…
  • Sweet Treats – Chickpea Fudge Made With Organic Chickpea Flour and Organic Butter, Sugar and Vanilla Essence…
  • Oils, Pickles and Vinegars – Moroccan Cold Pressed Virgin ArganGold Oil (super high in vitamin E), Coconut Flax, Hemp, Olive and Sunflower – 500ml Organic Sunflower Back In Stock… All Organic..
  • Prepared Foods – Roast Beef, Moroccan Chicken and Paella, Harissa Paste, Hummus – Beetroot, Lime and Coriander, Olive, Roast Red Pepper and Spicy Moroccan – Prepared Meals by Eva – Chicken Parmigiana, Meat Balls in Saffron Sauce, Tuna in Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce and Tuna Pie…
  • Household Cleaning Products – All Bloublommetjieskloof and Better Earth Cleaning Products Back In Stock and New! – Bloublommetjieskloof Biodynamic Farm – Basil All Purpose Cleaner, Feverfew Dishwashing Liquid, Disinfectant and Look Cleaner, Soapwort Laundry Liquid, Paw Paw Powder, Soapwort Softener and Air Freshener…Better Earth –  Cleaning Spray, Dishwashing Liquid and Tiled Floor Cleaner..

Peach and Spinach Salad in Clarens
I had the pleasure yesterday of watching my daughter pick and eat fruit directly from a tree.
It was probably made even more meaningful by the fact that since we arrived in Clarens on Sunday, I’ve battled silly to find organic produce and free range eggs and meat.
So the fact that there is a peach tree on the property we’re staying on at, Claridge House, bursting with ripe peaches that haven’t been eaten by birds, delighted me.
We eventually managed to get a gorgeous bucket full of organic vegetables – spinach, patty-pans, courgettes, potatoes, tomatoes and cauliflower -from The Gourmet Shed.
The combination of some of this luscious produce and picking sun ripened peaches straight off the tree was the inspiration for this salad recipe.To Read More Click Here
Yours in the Jozi Food Revolution,
Nourish, Care, Connect and Repair…
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  • Yvonne Jackson

    Hi Debbie, you make us live a bit beyond the ordinary, I fall in love love with all the flavours, thankyou :)

  • Yvonne Jackson

    Hi Debbie, you make us live a bit beyond the ordinary, I fall in love with all the fresh flavours :)

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