The Store Is Open, New Yoghurt from Mooberry Farms and Red Pepper Soup…

red pepper soup

red pepper soup

A New Focus…
I’m trying to find ways to get the store open earlier so that the ordering window is a little broader. There is so much to update each Monday and until we are ready to move to holding stock, it’s a tad tedious.
I’m also in the process of focusing the service to the produce you most want from us and the special lines that you can’t get anywhere else so that we can become more efficient at this.
I’m going to remove anything that isn’t selling well or that isn’t too popular so that we can focus on the most important produce, which is fresh real food from real farms. I need to get rid of dead weight and the parts of the business that haven’t worked for 3 years and I want to stay with and best serve what has.
Getting Real…
Fresh produce seems to be what you want from us most, it’s most certainly the food I care about most, it’s most certainly representative of more of where we want to go and letting go of refined and processed foods of all description feels right to me.
I’ve been on a long journey not only with this business but also with my own and my families health and I’ve tried it all. I’ve seen some bizarre products being flouted as ‘health’ foods, I’ve seen refined foods marketed under the healthiest labels and logos and have come to realize that the food that makes the most difference to our health and to that of the planet, is just plain, real food.
I’m going to focus more time, energy and focus in the near future on talking about what real food actually is.
I believe that the most important improvement any of us can make to our diets, is to just eat real food from real farms. Not factorys, not refined ‘natural’ what-what berries from Peru, not ancient sugars extracted from some leaves in the Andes and touted as a health food…..just real food from properly run real farms. It does not need to be any more complicated than that and most importantly, I’ve learnt that if it gets more complicated than that, it becomes unbalanced and imbalance is the antitheses of health.
So I’ll be slowly cutting out non-essentials. If there is something that you loved getting from us that we are no longer selling, please pop me a mail so that I can point you to the easiest next way to get it.
Real Food…
I want to focus on the most natural and best farm fare that we can get our hands on grown in the richest untainted soil and grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. I only want to represent the most humane farms for animal products, where animials are treated with the utmost respect and fed entirely on the diet most suited to them and I want to get the best supporting natural produce such as olive oil – such as the best raw honey I can find – such as the best dairy from grass-fed cows.
I’m on a hunt to find lamb and pork farms of the same calibre as Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef and Mandy’s Chicken and Dairy from Mooberry, if we don’t have it yet it’s because I haven’t yet found the perfect farm. The moment I do, we’ll carry it, but I’d rather have nothing in that category until we have found the holy grail and a farmer doing it as naturally as they do.
So if you’re missing your favourite jam made with special berries dug from under an ancient fountain in timbuktoo, I do apologize for the inconvenience.
I’ve probably taken it off because I don’t believe it necessarily supports great health, I think you’re probably being duped and I’d rather just focus on selling you fresh, seasonal, local berries when they’re available. I will point you to another supplier of it if you get hold of me.
I just want to simplify it all and get back to grass-roots…..being a real human, in a real world, eating real food.
Real Human…
I feel like getting real, is where I want to focus all attention in my life this year incidentally.
I’ve had a difficult time with myself of late.
While I was trying to work through a series of what felt like ‘a few too many plans that had gone wrong’, and reckoning with myself while out on one of my ‘working things out’ runs, I was struck at how much effort I felt like I had to put in to make it look like I’m ok.
I thought about how everybody is walking around investing so much time in trying to look good, on every score. I’ve seen people going through divorces, going through financial crises, living with sick children, going through trials in their lives and having to get to work and even their social circles pretending that they’re ‘fine’!
I watch many of us having to put energy into pretending that everything is ok. I think that’s ludicrous.
I’ve seen rooms of people, where everybody is doing just that, and you wonder, if one person stuck their neck out and dared to shed a tear, dared to admit that their lives actually weren’t perfect, dared to admit that they were scared, dared to admit that actually they’re not feeling as confident as they feel they need to pretend to be, dared to show vulnerablity – dared to be real, might it give the rest of the room the courage and permission to do the same? Isnt’ it just utterly crazy to you that if you shed a tear, lose composure, dare to reveal human emotion – you’re supposed to apologize?
I wonder about that. I’ve decided this year to not apologize anymore for tears, for anxiety, for worry, for being imperfect and not ‘looking good’ and I want to get real on many levels.
I want to live in a real world, surrounded by the beauty of the strength and weaknesses of real human beings and I want all the drama and illusions taken out of eating and living.
This will be my arena for the most growth this year, in every level of my life and I invite you to join me.
Where in your own life, do you want to get more real?
Our relationship to food, will always serve as a mirror to our own relationship to self care and nurturing.
I want to take the drama and illusions out of food and just get back to what is real and that for me is farms producing simple, clean natural food. The purity of the properly run family farm. It’s natural food and it’s a joy to eat it and to be connected to the life that supports it. That is real food.
So I’ll be getting real. I want to connect you to real farms, run by real farmers producing real food and I’ll do my best to keep risking being as real as I can be in these newsletters and that means not always looking good and I won’t be apologizing for that. I hope you won’t either. 🙂
We can’t hope to connect to what is good and pure and true, if we keep resisting facing what is and buying and needing illusions.
The Jozi Real Food Revolution is about connecting to real food, real farms and real food craftsman as much as it is about connecting to the truth of who you realy are and what really matters.
What is reflected outside is only ever a reflection of what is within and I think that squaring up to a society that sells illusions and requests you to present illusions in order to look good is a part  of it. It makes us create within what we require without and it’s the only real place of change. By refusing to take part by expressing your very real, very human emotions and not apologizing for your human-ness is as important as eating real food. I can’t see one exist without the other.
What do you think?
Mooberry Farms and The Neighbourhood Goods Market….
I went along to the Neighbourhood Good’s Market this week-end. Mandy has a stall there now so if you forget to order her fantastic yoghurt, cheese, dairy or chicken through us, you’ll be able to get some now on a Saturday at Neighourhood Goods Market and meet her delightful husband Pete.
I’d love to tell you more about the Neighbourhoods Market but I’m afraid I can’t because I never get to spend much time there!
The first time I went there, I took my husband and daughter. Fail. It was too noisy, too busy, too overwhelming for them, my 2 cancerians wanted to run and hide inside a cave somewhere, neither of them much appreciate chaos of any description and ‘chaos’ is pretty much what I bring to their world in bits and pieces.
So, I think we lasted there all of half an hour and I had to leave without getting to all the food stalls. Actually I should take my son with me next time, he’d love it, he’s just usually rowing on Saturdays but he’ll happily visit food stalls and cope with the bustle with me. Next plan.
This Saturday though, I took my mother who I thought might love it, as she loves ‘quirky people and places so I thought we’d have a great time. Fail. I don’t think we even got to ten minutes before she was saying ‘um Darling, it’s very, very noisy in here and I cant’ hear my own thoughts in my head, can we go somewhere quieter’? 🙂 So I was in and out of there again and next time I think I’ll take a group of raucious, boisterous friends, settle in for the afternoon, leave my family to peace at home and go and cause a commotion just for the hell of it:) Once I’ve done that, I’ll let you know more about what’s great to find there…
On that note – Mandy has launched some new 200ml yoghurts – great for school lunch-boxes, there are 3 types honey and vanilla, almond and vanilla and lemon and vanilla, no added sugars, preservativs or colorants only the yoghurt made from milk from grass-fed cows, honey from Monaghan Farm, lemon and almonds.
Incidentally, we tried to then get to Arts on Main to the restaurant ‘Canteen’ there which I love, I got utterly befuddled trying to find it through the maze of one ways surrounding Fox and Main Road and we ended up at iI Gardinios at 44 Stanley…just great…
Red Pepper Soup…
Let me love and leave you, before I do, while we’ve got organic red peppers this week, try this soup…I’d urge you to use a home-made chicken stock made with Mandy’s chicken or else a beef stock made with bones from grass-fed beef because then you’re including some dense nutrition, bone broths and home-made traditional stocks are a powerhouse of nutrition… make them and use them as a base for soups…
The butternut here could also be substituted for sweet potato but they’re not in season at the moment and hard to find organic which is why I’ve used butternut to make it seasonal…
Also – kids lunch-boxes – this soup works just as well cold, it’s naturally sweet for kids, think of this for lunch-boxes served with sourdough bread soldiers? It’s heaving with beta-carotene and flavonoids…
Here is the link to the recipe on the blog….Red Pepper Recipe…
Blog Issues…
We have had some problems with the articles from last week disappearing off the blog, apologies to anybody who tried to use it and found broken links. The guys who host our blog did some work on their servers and the articles then disappeared, they are working to restore them.
I’ll be back tomorrow to remind you of store close….

Have a wonderful week everyone…
Yours in the Jozi Food Revolution,

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