The Store Is Open Until 3pm Today, Alpha Farms and A Great Salad Recipe…

fHere is your weekly reminder that the store will be open until 3pm today. We’re keeping it open an hour later because the store opened so late yesterday.
To those of you who have already placed your orders, thank you and we’ll see you on Friday.
I’m still green on the blogging side, actually I have 4 new packages to learn at the moment, the accounting side is new, the online store is a new package, the mailing software to manage the lists is new and the blog is new and I’m not the most adept technical chick, in fact I’m quite lame and slow that way so I currently feel like a bumbling twit on a good day !
I somehow managed to lose the entire Alpha Farm article yesterday and had to spend a great deal of energy attempting to pick my spirits up and re-write it this morning which I did. I just nearly lost it again! 3 hours of re-editing it this morning and I thought I had lost it again. I actually felt a wave of real nausea just now until I got help and managed to find it! Phew….
So finally, this article is up. I want you to know Alpha Farms and where your sugar prunes are coming from this week. We will be getting more fruit from them into the future and it’s important to me that we become more and more successful at linking you to the farms that are producing your food.
Alpha Farm Ladybrand…
This weekend saw us paying a trip to a new farm in Ladybrand that we are hoping to get fruit from for you into the future. I was particularly excited about this farm because the fruit orchards have been left to go wild and are laying in unspoilt soil and unpolluted terrain. Prior, they were certified organic trees supplying a large retailer. After making repeat losses in this arrangement, a sad tale I hear far too often, he let the certification lapse, left the fruit trees to stand along with some shattered ideals and focused on his vegetable section. As we are indeed the right kind of business and you, the right kind of custmoer to truly appreciate the value of wild fruit like this, we decided to take a trip up there and invest some time in finding out about this farm for you. I left enchanted by another world, I left with my hopes about a future in real food restored, I left with a full heart, spirit and belly and I left deeply nourished. Here is my story of th is very special farm, the very special family behind it and where your sugar prunes this week are coming from. There is also a picture of the actual tree too with the ripe sugar prunes on it so you can get a great previews of what you will be getting this week.

Fennel and Radish Salad With Sugar Prune Dressing..

I had fun making this and it turned out beautifully….I forgot to take a picture like an idiot so if you any of you make this, please send us a photo for this article in the meantime:) READ MORE..
Enjoy and Let Me Know..
Yours in the Jozi Food Revolution,
Nourish, Care, Connect and Repair…
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