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Here is your weekly Tuesday reminder that the store will be open until 3pm today for this week’s orders. To those of you who have already placed your orders, thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Friday.


I’m going to keep the closing time stretched out until 3pm, as we seem to have managed ok with it without too many issues and I know many of you need that extra hour.
I’ve posted up 2 new articles this morning on the blog. Many of you have asked whether grass fed beef needs to be cooked differently from conventional grain-fed beef. The answer is a definite yes, a wholly pastured, and grass grazed cow is going to produce meat with different characteristics to feedlot cows raised on an unnatural diet of grains, supplements, hormones and antibiotics.
Yesterday I pointed you to an article that discusses the differences in fatty acid profile between grass and grain fed beef. Today, I thought I’d chat more about the cooking differences.
I’ve put up an cooking method that Gary Jackson wrote about earlier on for grilling the perfect grass fed steak and in there are some differences to expect when cooking it.
I’ve also put up some information about one of Jozi’s best artisinal french bakers who is supplying us with the sourdough  bread. We’ve changed the loaves to pre-sliced and frozen loaves for your convenience…see the article link to read more.
Aweber Irritation…
Is there anybody out there that is really familiar with Aweber and if so, can you let me know if the fact that I’m hating the word editor and finding it really difficult to make decent templates and edit text is because I’m dim….you may want to word a mail to that effect particularly carefully….or is it just a particularly awkward word editor? I must say I’m not getting more used to it as I try and use it, I’m getting less used to it and a bit cranky….if anybody does have any golden worlds of wisdom for how best to use Aweber for newsletters – I’m all appreciative ears!
A Running Meditation…
Last night I set out for a run when I got home from work.
Actually that sounds like a more flowery start than it was. In reality I started out arguing with my husband on the pavement outside our home about running.
Ok, so there was a deep black storm cloud hanging over the sky but it hadn’t actually started raining yet, I had been looking forward to a 10km run after work and I didn’t want to have it upset with pesky weather issues. So my husband was busy trying to dissuade me from going, he said that it was dangerous with all the lightening, that got us aguing about science and who had the most rubbish teacher at school.
I said that if I’m wearing rubber shoes, I can’t get struck, he disagreed.
Then he tried the angle of ‘you’ll get soaked’!  ‘I love running in the rain’ I yelled and I don’t mind getting wet so back and forth this argument went and then he pulled a low blow, he said ‘you’ll get curly hair if you go’…..ooooooooh nasty!
He knows full well that I’d be far more comfortable with the idea of getting struck by lightening – as inconvenient as it may be on a Monday evening, than I would be with the threat of a mop of unruly curly hair.! I tend to look like Bette Midler once my hair encounters rain, anyhow, I stubbornly set my jaw as you do when preparing to win a war , turned on my heel and ran!
As it started spitting with lightning flashing and thunder rolling, I picked up my pace and cranked up the volume of my stubbornness and ipod. No nancy storm was going to get the better of me. I was determined to win this argument and beat the storm so that I didn’t have to face the humiliation of getting home drenched and face the smugness that only ‘right’ husbands can wear.
So every road was a race to see if I could get to the end before the rain started, and at every corner, when it was still only drizzling, I’d turn another and risk another kilometre and ended up – as any good runner does – in a live mediation and a runners high. It all revolved around Organic Emporium and this good and real food journey we’re on, which is why I’m sharing this with you in the first place.
I thought alot about how the newsletters and our relationship has changed over the past 6 months and how I have had to focus more on the nuts and bolts than writing and doing articles for you as we’ve gotten busier. I thought about how I’ve missed that side of things and how ultimately in the long run, I want to focus on finding the best farms, critiquing food for and with you and doing research on the real food topics of the day. I want to spend more time back there and ultimately, it presents a conflict of interest for me to play that role while I’m selling the same produce that I’m advocating and endorsing!
I realized as the run continued and I thought more deeply into this, that if we are successful on this journey of ours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution – then a day will come where I don’t need to be involved in selling directly because a host of other retailers will be doing so – I can then review farms for you, debate the latest issues in sustainable agriculture with you, share the local resources for the best food and really focus more on becoming an independant resource of information for you connecting all the great role players in the food revolution;  farmers, responsible retailers and dedicated consumers.
So every new km of the run spent trying to beat the storm became a metaphor for every kink in the road that kept us on this journey. I’d love to hear from you – what keeps you striving for real food? What aspect of this good food journey inspires and informs you the most?
A day will come when Jozi will be full of a great calibre of family run retailers selling sustainable food, we will see the return of the food artisan and craft in food, we just need to continue as we are. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. We’ve just got to keep up a relentless pace of education and demand.
So in the end I beat the storm for 8km’s…the last 2 clobbered me as the storm broke and I arrived on the doorstep bedraggled, soaked through but happy and with the sense that I had worked out my issues of the day. Does running do that for you?
Let me wind in the natter and release the new articles up on the blog….to those of you who have ordered – see you on Friday….I’ve loved just chatting to you again…

Perfect Week Night Steak In 10 Minutes

Cooking 100% grass-fed beef is a little different to cooking grain fed feedlot beef. For one, the fat content of the steak of a grass fed cow is less than that of your typical feedlot grain fed animal. It is very rare to see a great band of fat on the outer side of the steak…

Artisinal Sourdough Bread and Patisserie De Paris

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Have a wonderful week everyone…
Yours in the Jozi Food Revolution,
Organic Natural and Whole Food Emporium

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