This Week's Organic News and Why Karoo Meat Of Origin is So Meaningful.

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So I’m back in the coffee shop, in desperate need to pull away from the on-going day to day ‘doing’ and ‘detail’, draw back and create some space to chat to you with the perspective that can only be gained through distance.
This time though both of my favorite corner tables are taken so I find myself sandwiched between two of the most boring conversations I’ve ever heard.
To my right, I have 2 mono-toned businessmen in grey pull overs talking about dreary property investments and to my left, 2 woman talking about what to wear when the weather is bad in Europe!
The women obsessed with raincoats in England, are also not very close and both dragging themselves through their meal, covering up their discomfort with each other with mindless chatter. The tension between them is palpable. I have a mind to lean across and say ‘listen up loveys, life is too short to waste time hanging out with people you don’t like, just give it up  both of you and go spend time with someone you actually get on with?’.
The things I say to people in my wildest dreams….I wish I could share the half of them..:)
Let me do my level best to unplug and tune them out while I add ‘buy earphones to drown out surround sound when blogging in public spaces’ to my to-do list!
So let’s talk food. Let’s talk about Jozi Real Food Activism. Where are we?
Let’s especially talk about the incredible Karoo Meat of Origin project and lamb that we had last week – which sold out in a day!
Before we go there – what is there to tell you about what’s in store right now and news about your favorite farms?
Mooberry Farm –  Mandy’s feta is finally back in store!
Those small vanilla lunch box yoghurts from Mandy are also back.
Mandy has brought 2 new cows this week from the other Mandy at Charlie River Organics which she is silly excited about.
I will go over there early next week and take some photographs for you so that you can meet the new producers of your milk and yoghurt. You can rest assured that they are being lovingly reared and raised on Mandy’s farm.
They have relative freedom (they don’t allow them to hang out at the mall) to roam across a series of plots in Northriding during the day until they are called in for milking which they’re happy to plod along for because they get pudding while they get milk.
This relaxes them and makes them look forward to it!
Grain for cows, is probably like chocolate for us, it shouldn’t be a regular part of their diet (it is in feedlots) but they love it as a treat and would choose it over normal food, when given the choice which is why they only receive a bit of it when they’re getting milked. Also bear in mind that Mandy’s cows are only milked once a day. That is good for them, they are not being treated like factory milk urns and there is minimal stress in their world.
You want to contrast this to the up to 12 times a day that a dairy cow on a commercial farm can get milked. Shudder.
The only stress they experience on a regular basis comes from one of Mandy’s cockier dogs who regularly takes to giving them a blast of barking.
I must go and visit there soon, I always feel so peaceful at Mandy’s plot around her serene cows and the plucky Boschvelders and Mandy’s comforting stream of farm chatter.
Ambersky Farm – We’ve got new stock in of the Ambersky meals and chopped vegetables that you seem to be loving at the moment judging  by what you’re ordering. Cammy from Ambersky’s frozen prepared meals made without additives, preservatives and only using free range dairy and meat is going very well, we’re getting great feedback on the meals and they’re making your life easier when you don’t have the time to cook. She will be launching a specific kiddies range of meals soon, so watch out for those.
Boschvelder Eggs – You also seem to love Mandy’s boschvelder eggs – we’ve got our ordering more accurate now in response so that we are always well stocked.
Pastured Chicken Talk – Frozen chicken stock is back in. The breast sizes are huge – we’re close on between 750g and a kg just for 2. This is because these chickens are living a lot longer than the average. They are almost at 3kg’s some of them at the time of slaughter, as opposed to the 1.2kg weight that is average for more conventional farms.
When you’re comparing the price of this chicken versus other ‘free range’ brands, just bear that in mind. The average weight of a conventional 4 breast fillet pack is around 400g, with these pastured chickens, you’re talking double that for 2 breasts because they are living much longer and are being slaughtered at much larger sizes.
Organic Winter Fruit and Vegetables – There are the winter organic apples, clementines and lemons in store on the fruit side, and still great roasting vegetables like sweet potoates and brinjals. Don’t forget to check the roast vegetable recipe out that’s up on the blog…
Cooking Real Food – Lynne from that delectable blog has put up another 2 great recipes lately, one for roast parsnips and the other for gluten free banana muffins, check those out at Also – there is a recipe for baked apples up on her blog that I’ve made with my daughter twice now and we’re in love with them. I also love the fact that it’s such a real, whole desert that my daughter loves without any rubbish.
Real Bread – The sourdough bread baker has had an operation unfortunately so we won’t have the bread in until Saturday.
We do have another alternative coming shortly for artisanal sourdough that I’m very excited about. For those of you who prefer a less dense, more chewy sort of everyday sourdough version, you’re going to just love meeting Penny and her loaves. I can’t wait to bring you news of her. Your children will love her bread too, I’m certain of it.
Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef  – We’re getting great feedback from you on this that signals the end of our teething pains with Kalahari. It’s aged well, it is tender, flavourful in the way only grass fed beef can be, ‘beefy’, and it is 100% grass and veldt reared beef which has it full of essential omega 3’s and CLA. We’ve also gotten better with our ordering so that we aren’t running out of stock on this.

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