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I hope you all had a great week-end and I hope that at least once, you ate something that was good for the earth, good for you and delighted your taste buds. The relationship between all 3 is totally intertwined in my view.
Talk At My Table..
Last night after demolishing bowls of rich tomato soup made with a beef stock that had been cooking for 4 days, and with the last of our tomatoes from the garden (it’s been the longest season for tomatoes at home, I’ve yet seen)….my daughter and I went a bit moggy on dessert which was an impromptu play at the table.
What I mean by that is we didn’t set out to eat dessert but I was telling her about incredible the boekenhout creamed raw honey is, it is a literal creme caramel…actually let me back track, this story has more dimension than I’m conveying. My daughter (7) was telling me how much she wished I was a junk food mother! Actually.
This is very topical in our household at the moment while she is on school holiday and involved in lots of excursions with school friends that all seem to involve fizzers  and fizzy cold drink.  Shudder.
Anyway, my husband pointed out to her that she had been all but salivating over the tomato soup that was most certainly NOT junk food. She had also been slathering chunks of Mandy’s grass fed butter onto hunks of traditional sourdough and dunking this into the tomato soup, a soup that she is consistently crazy about.
So her Dad pointed out that perhaps the soup she loves so much is better than a hotdog…she thought about this…but didn’t respond, not quite ready to concede her point which is that she wishes her mother would lighten up a bit and put brightly coloured fizzers in the pantry.
And A Point Made…
I decided to labour the point differently by seemingly changing the subject to how great the creamed boekenhout honey is while I brought little espresso cups to the table.
I put a dollop of honey in them, sprinkled over some cinnamon (non-irradiated of course), a bit of organic vanilla powder, creamed both up until the honey, vanilla, cinnamon mix was almost a paste in the cup…then over that poured some of Mandy’s cream. Then offered her some…you sort of pull the teaspoon out of the cup with some of the honey in and the cream over it and what happens in your mouth is nothing short of ecstasy..
There is no sugary, grainy dessert, cake or conventional pudding that could taste better than that for me. Just raw creamed honey, real cinnamon and real vanilla and a blob of organic cream.
So, she tasted it and was smitten and sat next to me and lovingly oohed and aahed over the taste for 3 cups full….until we got into an argument about how much mess she was making when I’d had just about enough of cream being thrown out of her espresso cup with her vigorous interpretation of ‘stirring’…but I was quietly satisfied that my point was made. Sometimes words just aren’t enough. Even for a word person like me. Sometimes, it’s more powerful to just lead by ‘doing’ and all I ever have to do is put time into cooking real ingredients from real farms to make meals that have the most impact. She’ll soon learn that you can’t get emotional about a hotdog like you can about a bowl of home made soup made properly with great ingredients. Conventional food whilst it can over power the palette with sugar, cannot compete with the dimension and flavour of real food. It just can’t. Sugar has it’s power as do artificial flavours, but they never, ever can compete with real food, w ith the taste of a tree-ripened organic tomato, with the taste of real butter made with milk from cows raised outdoors in the sun on grass. You can pump as much artificial flavouring as you like into a conveyor belt stock cube, it will never ever compete with the depth and richness of real home made stock. I can prove this and I do, time and time again in my kitchen. We need to get into a kitchen, you and I so that I can show you and we can all get back to cooking this rewarding way while we deeply nourish our families bellies, hearts and souls.
I hope you ate something like that this week-end, that reminded you of the bliss taste experience in real, whole, organic food.
If you haven’t, try the honey, we’ve got a whole load of whipped raw honey and nuts jars from The Honey Bear…I don’t think dessert gets better than cream and honey…try the one with nuts to ring the changes maybe?
Real Food Tastes Superior..
I am passionate about the fact that the relationship between quality ingredients and strength of taste and flavour is sound and solid! Cooking with organic food will only increase the pleasure and reward for you of eating. I have one of the most demanding palettes out there that I know of, I will not eat rubbish food, I will not ‘tolerate’ food that is healthy but doesn’t taste great, I expect every meal I eat, in every day to taste great, if it doesn’t, I know there is something wrong with the way the food was grown. Being healthy should never sacrifice your experience of food or involve ‘denial’, you know you are on the track when the relationship is exactly the opposite, when you realise that the healthier the food, the greater the taste, if it isn’t so, there is something wrong with your interpretation of ‘healthy’.
There is still time to get orders in for this afternoon’s delivery – we are stocked with the Karoo Meat of Origin lamb, Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef, Mandy’s Grass Fed Local Dairy – Milk, Yoghurt, Halloumi, Butter and Cream, Organic Fruit and Vegetables In – Clementines, Apples, Lemons, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Ambersky Roast Veg Packs (all the work is done for you on those, just toss in a baking dish, drizzle over some olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for 40 minutes), broccoli, sweetcorn, celery, greens and more…
To remind us of what we are actually achieving here, be mindful of this…this is food that is free from:

  • pesticides – growing evidence continues to be released month in, month out of the relationship between the carcinogenic nature of most pesticides (a largely unregulated and un-monitored area in South Africa), how they function as endocrine disruptors and their crippling effect on water health, soil health, human health, biodiversity and the environment. To stay up to date about this research and the devastating effects of pesticides on human, water, soil and biodiversity – visit The Pesticide Action Network – www.panna.org/http://www.navdanya.org/http://www.tatib.org.za (local group based in the Cape fighting for freedom from pesticide spray damage)//www.whatsonmyfood.org//
  • artificial fertilzers
  • growth hormones
  • antibiotics
  • feed-lots
  • artificial additives and preservatives (many equally linked to ADD and ADHD in children and adults, are suspected or known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, are most often genetically modified, are consistently linked to a host of inflammatory and immune system disorders and are artificial lab chemicals used to enhance shelf life of factory food)

This is food, that is grown or raised in such a way as to:

  • maintain, preserve and increase soil fertility and health. This is the principal around which organic agriculture is based. The fruit and vegetables you are eating, are being grown in such a way as to enhance natural life and come from fertile soil. Many studies have shown that organic fruit and vegetables are far higher in vitamins, antioxidants and vital trace elements which are essential for our health. This is precisely because they are grown in soil that is looked after properly so that it is rich in what the plant needs to grow.  Conventional farming does the opposite. It sucks the nutrition out of the soil, essentially rapes the soil, and then has to prop it up with artificial fertiliser in order to produce another yield because the soil is dead! These artificial fertiliser only contains 3 of the hundreds of elements required for a healthy plant. This is why, we repeatedly find lack of flavour and depth in conventionally grown food and flavour and taste in organic produce, because the nutrition is back in the food. It is the antioxidants and vitamins responsible for the flavour. That tang that is meant to be in citrus? That’s called vitamin c. That sulphurous smell in broccoli? That is a powerful antioxidant.  This is what makes organic broccoli smell so much stronger. Antioxidants are a plant’s immune system. The antioxidants in cruciferous vegetables are sulphur based, which is what gives them that smell, the higher the rate of antioxidants, the stronger the smell! The sulphur based antioxidants in broccoli are exactly the ones linked to having a anti-carcinogenic effect on cancer cells.
  • Naturally graze animals on indigenous veldt in proper free range conditions. Not free-range, as in, in a cage but with a run. We are dedicated to farmers who pasture animals on natural diet and in such a manner that the animal leads as natural and stress-free a life as possible, with dignity, respect and care. This includes, not giving animals diets that compromise its immune system, that are unnatural to the animals constitution or compromise its health. This is why we are committed to 100% grass fed beef and veldt reared lamb and Mandy’s diary and chickens.

As we find contributing farms that are doing something to farm differently to the conventional way and have something better to offer you, we will add them and tell you exactly how they are farming. Sometimes, it might just be a great free-range environment for animals but the feed isn’t ideal, we feel those farmers are worth supporting while we help them find ways to get more natural feed into their diet. The point is I’ll always tell you exactly who the farmer is and how they are doing it. Farming will improve by degrees, we must inch forward bit by bit, and walk the process forward.
I’ll bring you more information and pictures shortly of Ambersky Farm, our favourite local, organic farm at the moment, you’re loving her meals and their cut up veg so I’ll bring you more news of Cammy and Sarel and this very special farm soon.
Let me hop off and on with it, we’ve all got a food revolution to attend to here…:)…the phone is relentless today, I need to stop chatting….Please visit the blog site for recipe ideas, I post all of the recipes we discuss, under recipes at www.organicblog.co.za…..
Stay warm, Stay nourished..Onward, Upward and Forward with the Jozi Real Food Revolution…


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