We've Moved..


The peace in this picture is false advertising – it bears no resemblance to my frame of mind right now, there is no calm in our new store at this point in time.
It’s a buzz of chaos!
The store is full of people – there are printer people and bar code people and pastel people and building cabinets at the last hour people and people with ladders and there are people with hammers and new curious customers walking in. There is also a very loud drill making one heck of a noise and the phone won’t stop ringing either.
Did I mention it’s my son’s 21st party this evening too?
I will be a machine on the other side of this move:)
I have literally snuck to the back to hide behind the fridges to bang off a quick mail to you balanced on a crate of organic potatoes – laptop on my lap.
It is what it is. I just want to get on with it now, get settled and put horns, gas and full volume on the Jozi Real Food Revolution. With you.
There is a committee of clever people mulling over the terminals trying to work out why the barcode printer isn’t working – all pricing was meant to be up on the produce last night but we didn’t get there and may not until the group of experts behind me figure out what the complicated issue is.
So, we can process an order for you if you come through – you may give me a big hug if you dare to brave coming into this bustle – and we can help you but you won’t see prices on anything yet.
Detail, detail…:)
The online store is open – you can place orders now and Sam will see you this afternoon…
In store now we have Mooberry dairy from Mandy’s grass-fed cows, we have Harvey’s Grass Fed beef mince, t-bones, some stewing cuts like shin, brisket and chuck, we’ve got Richard Bosman’s pastured pork charcuterie and sausages – toulouse (wine and garlic and spices) and cumberland (sage and spices) we have spinach, kale, baby marrows, lemons, apples, herbs green chilli peppers carrots, garlic and warm sourdough loaves and much more…I need to dash…there are people asking for me…I must jump back into the chaos…
Just wanted to quickly let you know that we’re in and we’re here – Shop 31b The Bryanston Shopping Centre – Corner William Nicol and Ballyclare – up at the new entrance by the rooftop parking.
I miss you and can’t wait to get back to normal.
Whatever that is.
Warmest Regards, Debbie

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