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Happy Monday everybody.
So here we are, into week 3 of our new service. We’re very slowly starting to feel a little less spastic every day.
You’ve probably worked out that one of our greatest challenges has been knowing how much of anything to order and to anticipate how much produce to have coming in and out. It doesn’t help matters that most of Jozi is on holiday so I can’t yet work out trends and figure out which days are going to be the most popular for ordering for you. So we’re working it out bit by bit and just watching closely to see how you like to use this service the best so that we can respond. To summarise – order before 12pm each day Monday to Friday and we’ll deliver the same afternoon you can collect same day between 2pm and 4:30pm. If you order after 12pm, we’ll see you the following afternoon.
For this to work, I’m going to need a very flexible communication platform with you so that I can tell you quickly what has just come in from your favourite farms so that you know what and when to order. If you’re on the mailing list and aren’t buying, the regular communication is probably going to get on your nerves. I do have to be in more regular contact though to suit our customers. If you subscribed for the recipes and articles but aren’t interested in buying, perhaps it’ll work better for you to just sign up for the blog and not the newsletter. I will need to use this platform as the medium to let customers know which farmers have just delivered and what we have just in.
We are in the midst of re-designing the website and blog to reflect the new Jozi Real Food Revolution service and community, once that is done, I will split up the blog and the updates about the store so that you can select one and not the other if that better suits. In the meantime though, please bear with us. I need to chat to you through-out the week.

What’s In Now?

If you’re somebody who has been missing the chicken, you need to know that new stock arrived today, so we’ve got Mandy’s thighs, drums, whole chickens and breasts in right now.
If you like the soft green produce, most of that is from Aloe Dale – the kale, herbs, watercress, covo and spinach – that has all arrived today – so order it now and we can get it to you tomorrow afternoon or you can collect whichever works best.

Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef and A Special Offer

We’re getting fantastic feedback on the Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef now….we’ve finally got the process right, it’s tender, it’s aged properly, it’s cut beautifully, it’s just fantastic.
If you are a customer who has been on the journey with us and purchased it in the past when it wasn’t aged as well and was tougher, we’d love to send you a free steak of the new batch so that you can see what it’s like. It has taken us a while to get the process just right from getting the carcass from Keith’s farm, cut, aged and packaged professionally and along the way, we made some mistakes and had a batch that was particularly tough and not sufficiently aged or cut well.
We believe we now have all our teething problems ironed out, the best pack house, we’ve gotten the ageing right as well as the age of the animal and if you are a customer that has purchased Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef prior, we’d love to offer you a free sample from the new batch.
There was a batch that came out quite tough and we would love it if you were one of the customers that purchased it then and weren’t sure about the taste, if you’d drop me a mail so that I can send you a new steak this week for free to try. Please note that this offer only stands for customers who have purchased Kalahari 100% Grass Fed beef in the past.
If you didn’t like it or weren’t sure – let me know, I’ll drop you off a new steak and you can see how you like it now. It ‘s fantastic now! I’m super confidant that this is is the best we’ve ever had it! If you send a request for the free steak and qualify for the special – we will put your name on our delivery route and as soon as we’ve got a delivery near you, we will drop it off, or you can come and collect it from us at 4 Cambridge Road. Right, that said…back to the real food grindstone…:)….please find news below of the best real food blog with the best recipes I’ve come across…I’m enthralled by it….the author has just posted a recipe up for home made real burgers using Kalahari 100% Grass Fed mince…I can’t wait to try it and I’m super stoked… I’ll be back as soon as I have more real food news….

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