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Dear Debbie

Just a quick heads up before I dash out again that new stock of Karoo lamb is in and I’ve ordered some more of the cuts that you have been asking for.
There are some large whole legs for those that have asked for them, that’s the whole 3kg odd legs for large family roasts, some lamb stew to get us through this weather, the usual chops, some lamb neckpacks and some deboned smaller legs for mid-week or smaller family roasts. Inbox me if there are any specific new cuts you want to try and want recipes for.
We know the lamb situation is less than ideal at the moment, I know it’s expensive, I know that the cuts aren’t right, we are working on finding a better and more sustainable solution here. To get just a pack-house to cut between the farmer, you and us means that we need to be doing larger volumes at a time.
To do that, need to get the pricing, accessibility and availability right and both affect one another, how to get one side of the equation right first  while the other isn’t ready, is our current challenge. Chicken and egg, chicken and egg. I’m consumed with trying to find solutions to this at the moment.
While we’re talking chicken and egg – Sam is on his way back from The Free Range Food Companywith fresh whole chickens.  They will be frozen later on in the week but the first load will be fresh. This is a local farm from the south raising chicken on antibiotic and growth hormone feed, lucerne grown on their own property and in an open free-range environment.
They will also be sending us frozen cut up chicken packs shortly. They won’t be doing the cuts as they want to encourage nose to tail eating and using the whole chicken.
This is the philosophy of this farm which I respect whole-heartedly. This is what we’re here to do, put you in touch with farms and their philosophy and let you decide which sustainable farms you want to support.
They are still fairly new but I’m quite excited about them as they will be bringing us some free-range pork and lamb too and they’re close which makes traceability a breeze. I’ve been there, I didn’t get great pictures though it was towards the end of winter and quite dry and a cold day.
I need to go back now that the farm is alive and spend some time taking better pictures for you and news of the farmers behind that scene. I’ll also tell you what ‘free-range’ means in their context.
‘Free-range’ is not an adequately governed labelling title, it is far too loosely set and when you see it, it by no means, means ‘sit back on your laurels and don’t ask questions’.
It can be a meaningless term altogether. You must be asking every farm what they mean by ‘free-range’, each farmer will have their own definition. It is not an adequately regulated label. You’ve got to ask the question and decide whether it works for you.
What it means for these chickens at the Free Range Food Compan y, is a large fenced off outside enclosure where the chickens are safe from predators, have access to indoor barn area and shade and are not in cages. The open outdoor area is large enough for them to be comfortable, exercise normal chicken behaviour and is not cramped or crowded. I will make sure to take adequate photographs like we did at Ruth’s farm so that you can see what ‘free-range’ means for this farm, for yourself.
For those of you dead set on cuts, we’ll continue to do Croft Chicken, new stock comes in of those on the 2nd of November. 
I’m also trying to sort out the nose to tail problem so that we can get more of Keith’s Grass-Fed beef into the future, cut and priced adequately, that’s taking up much time and attention right now and has been a curve ball that came at a bad time and has delayed progress in other areas.
Touch wood, if all goes to plan this week and we get our systems right, we can at least have the farmdirect shop open for you from Monday next week, I’ll be in touch.
Peta will be sending some new natural ice-cream tomorrow – we’ll have some more of the vietnamese coffee, home made cookies and cream, the lemon yoghurt with blueberries and then new strawberry and roasted balsamic and cinnamon sugar. I’ll let you know when its in. ‘Natural’ in this context means no artificial colorants or preservatives and only using milk from grass-fed, free-range cows. Peta is replacing the corn syrup she was using with glucose. Finally then, a preservative and additive free ice-cream on the market that has clean, whole milk in it.
Today’s article was part written by Bruce Cohen from Absolute Organix, it’s all about coconut oil and what you need to be looking for when you buy it, how it is produced and much about the real fair trade co-op that brings you the Absolute Organix coconut oil that we are fully stocked with right now.
I’m about to order some more raw creamed boekenhout honey too, I’ve missed it something stupid!
Mandy’s small yoghurts are possibly, as far as I’m concerned, the most natural, most creamy and most delicious pure yoghurts made with mllk from grass-fed cows that you can find in Jozi right now.
I am loving them. She isn’t able to get the big tubs to the same consistency, I’m afraid, but if you like thick, creamy yoghurts, you want to go for the small ones and you might become addicted, I think I am.
What did you think of Bartley Dairy milk? Is it something you would like us to continue to stock?
Please put in requests for items you’d like us to stock so that we build up a catalogue based on your requests and if its feasible, we’ll gladly stock it for you.
Chat soon…let me get on with it.
I’m overwhelmed at the moment, all critical areas of this business, from supply to delivery to the store, online and physical need urgent attention all at the same time, the phones keep ringing though and e-mails keep mounting in the day to day and I’m spread very thin.
If you have sent mail and haven’t had a reply yet, please bear with me, I will get to it, just not enough hours in the day or enough hands and my response times are slow. I am still here and I will get back to you the moment I can.
Similarly, we know the online store is not managing stock adequately, we’ve finally got proper attention to this issue from the developers and they’re trying to reconfigure a better solution. It affects the opening too of the farm direct store as the point of sale system is going to affect the online store and complicate stock management and we’re needing to get solutions from the developers to this too.
It’s all a bit messy in transition right now, we’ve been here before and we’ll get to a more level space again, in time.
Thanks for your patience….
Debbie x

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