What's Happening in Organic Land and About All The Incense..


Good morning fellow Jozi Real Food Activists. 
The morning has run away with us.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t leave it until mid-week again though before connecting with you so here we are.
Speaking of last week, I couldn’t be more convinced that the Jozi Real Food Revolution is attracting the most conscious, most compassionate, strongest and most beautiful, wise souls in Jozi. You just don’t stop showing up.
The more I believe this city to be full of conscious change agents – the more you appear. Greatness can’t fail to arrive when expected, it seems.
I do think that the Jozi Real Food Revolution is an invitation for greatness. You are an extraordinary bunch and you’re growing in strength, love and influence and I’m in gratitude and awe.
It makes sense – people in love with nature and willing to stand for and on behalf of her and those who live making conscious choices that protect the environment are unlikely to be superficial unmemorable types, really.
I don’t stop meeting the most proactive conscious human beings through this store, the numbers of you are growing. Last week so many of you put pen to paper offering support to this business and to share what this movement means to you. I am deeply humbled to be associated with the likes of you.
If you’ve ever felt alone in your love for the universe, your deep concern for any harm done to the environment, your courage to consciously connect to what you are eating and where it came from, your concern for the harm that occurs when we exploit natural resources, your love and reverence for food, farming, soil, animals, water, air and the cycle of life, your desire to nourish yourself and others and to protect children from toxic exposure and to invest in health – I can tell you that you aren’t alone. You are part of an exciting upswell of conscious change. There truly is a food revolution, gathering momentum – and it is happening in Jozi right now.
More and more, you’ll find somebody else who is willing to support your healthy choices for your children, who is willing to speak up with you when you voice concern over junk food at school, who will be excited about your news about the great organic farm you found, who will want to come to farmers markets with you, who won’t think you’re a loop-head when you choose great nourishment over fast food, that will brainstorm options to reduce refined food in your diet with you – who will relish spending time with you trying out the latest great recipes you’ve found, that will support you in your endeavour to get your family back around a dinner table and who will join you to visit some great new independent store, some great new baker, some great new market, some great new deli and some great new food hero.
It’s already happening. I bet, if you look at your own life – you are more likely to meet like-minded people in Jozi at the moment, on the hunt for sustainably produced food and independent stores willing to support real food artisans, producers and the best of SA farmers – than ever before.
It’s not an alternative idea anymore that true nourishment comes from a good farmer and not a factory. It’s not an esoteric concept that we are shaping the world by what we choose to eat. More and more of us are out there everyday shaping the change we wish to see by supporting the food producers who do it well.
I felt the power of you last week when you rose to support this business when I was feeling a touch despondent.
Jozi Real Food activists are a force to be reckoned with and I’m proud to be associated with you. To all those who sent encouraging mails last week, thank you for directing such positive energy towards this revolution. I am deeply blessed to know you and committed to taking your desire for great food and great farmers out with me when I comb this landscape looking for the best of them.
Speaking of Estoric..
If you come into the store today, it might seem a bit ‘woo’ as I’ve got things burning everywhere and seem to be going through a new sort of incense obsession.
Please don’t fret, I haven’t totally lost it…yet.  Although it did take me a few sticks to work out that I was burning them at the wrong end.
We nearly set off the fire alarm actually. Anyway, all recovered, I have assured centre management that despite selling cucumbers with spikes on having smoke billowing out the shop- all is well and I mean no harm. 🙂
The incense thing all started when some beautiful kind soul Patrick called me from Pure Incense in Cape Town and asked me if I wanted to stock cedar cones for burning and incense sticks fragranced with natural fragrances. I was a little dubious and very busy at the time and didn’t want to take anything new on board (I don’t think I even had shelves)  but something about the calm in his voice made me listen to his story about the soothing properties of cedar cones and sensual gifts from natural therapeutic fragrances.
So that’s what’s up with the new Pure Incense range of cedar cones and fragrance sticks.
They’re most commonly used during meditation and you are most welcome to meditate in the store if you can get past the constant hustle, ringing phone and  can stop somebody tripping over you.
Back to our first love – food and farms – what’s new this week  stock of Harvey’s 100% Grass Fed Dry Wors – you loved it last round – only using grass-fed beef and fat, organic coriander, organic pepper and himalayan pink salt – no other additives, stuff or nonsense.
We’ve got a whole load of new stewing cuts in the freezer – stew on bone, brisket, chuck and short-rib. I’m stewing beef at least twice a week now and just loving it. Hearty rich beef stews make Winter such a comforting time. Don’t forget to review my best basic recipe template that you can use for stewing beef up on the blog a couple of weeks ago, CLICK HERE if you need it.
We’ve got Aloe Dale naturally grown kale, gorgeous green cabbages and celery in with some of her usuals like spinach and the indigenous cucumbers.
From Wensleydale we’ve got organic broccolli, lemons and carrots.
We’re fully stocked with Mooberry Dairy, Gourmet Greek Dairy, Mandy’s Eggs and those gorgeous eggs from New Harmony Farms with the golden, sunset looking yolks that you love.
Bosman’s Charcuterie – bacon, spicy beef sausages using grass-fed beef, prosciutto and mixed selection packs.
And more – always pop on to the site at www.jozirealfood.co.za to the online store to see what’s in store so you can decide whether it’s worth coming out here.
Otherwise, you can always order online and we’ll bring your order to your door.
Remember – orders in before 12pm – Monday – Friday – will be delivered that same afternoon. If you order after 12pm – the following. 
Please note that is service is only available in Jozi northern suburbs for now. 
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Please pop me a line to let me know what you’re enjoying and what you haven’t enjoyed.
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If you do all those 3 things you’re entered into a draw to win a R1000.00 gift voucher to spend at The Organic Natural and Whole Food Emporium.The winner to be announced on June 30 2014.
The idea is to get the message contained in this clip spread as far and wide as possible. It hopes to make people who want to turn their mind away from the realities of factory farming, think again. It has the power to raise awareness and is a very important food revolution clip – please share and spread the word.
Thank you for all the support – hope you’re all keeping warm and nourished.
Yours For and On Behalf Of The Jozi Real Food Revolution,
Fighting For Food Change With You – Debbie


Debbie Logan

T: (011) 514 0958
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