What's Happening In Store and Within The Jozi Real Food Revolution..


There is indeed a revolution in food culture happening in Jozi.
So many new initiatives, so many new exciting markets, stores and artisans starting to venture towards real food and veering away from manufactured, efficient, chemically enhanced non-food. 
I need to reflect on this with you a little more seriously in a more in-depth article. The journey from where this business was 5 years ago to where it is now tells the tale of just how much momentum each year occurs in this space. 
If you dedicate a morning to Bryanston alone at this point in time, between markets and stores you can fill your trunk with great food from real farms, sustainably produced. I can’t write that article just yet, I’m still knee deep in trying to bed down the store, work on supply and keep things levels through the change we’re in. I promise I will write that article shortly though and illustrate that there truly is a Real Food Revolution happening in Jozi as we speak. 
If you’re reading this, you’re plugged in – if you’re consciously thinking about your food and making choices in favour of sustainable food production – choosing either/or – local, organic, naturally grown, free range, artisanal, ethical and fair trade – you are a part of this revolution and you are a Jozi Real Food Activist. 
Welcome to new members and respect to those of you who have helped co-create this space over the years. 
As we gain momentum, I will help you make this a more meaningful, more vibrant and more effective place of activism for you. There are some incredible characters entering this space, I’m back to wanting to jump out of bed to eagerly get into my day right now, it’s such an exciting space. 
I’m not going anywhere and am committed to doing what I can to get great nutrition into our homes and to improve the quality of the whole through getting us access to great food. I say the ‘whole’ because we are all so interconnected, when we buy from a farmer who is farming sustainably, he is healing the soil and the surrounding ecology as well as our health through farming naturally and doing no harm. 
It’s one of the most powerful movements to be a part of right now – the journey back to living a life through conscious value. When we buy corporate, mechanised food from conveyor belts, we are buying marketing illusions, disconnection, dis-ease, lack of meaning and anonymity. We are supporting the values of efficiency, mechanisation, disconnection, capitalism and soullessness. 
The revolution we are a part of, is indeed a revolution in values. 
We are rather choosing to eat in a way that honours and protects our planet, that inspires value, creativity, renewal, community, health, connection, nourishment, sharing and the values connected to the wisdom of nature’s cycles. 
This is a very powerful energy to connect with. 
Once you start on this journey, your life will change for the better. It is a path of connection and heart and you can’t help but be changed by it. 
With all that said, I’ve got to dash again. 
I’m focused right now on supply. It is looking positive that we can bring Karoo lamb back shortly, I had an exciting meeting yesterday with regards to that. We will have Harvey’s 100% Grass Fed Beef back in store next week. Croft chicken sadly is closing, another sad loss that illustrates how tough it is to keep a small farm going without mass support. 
I’m on my way now to meet a new potential chicken farmer and then on to a great Italian artisan making fantastic gnocchi for one of Jozi”s top restaurants because he is going to start making quick meals for us like frozen gnocchi using our organic potatoes, ravioli and bolognaise using grass fed mince and organic ingredients. 
I’m also working on a range of Jozi Real Food quick meals that kids will love like cottage pies with Kuhlekudla organic, fair trade potatoes and sweet potatoes and grass-fed mince with organic tomatoes. 
I have no idea where I’m going to fit this all in but it’s got to be done:) 
Store news right now is that a whole load of new produce came in yesterday afternoon – Aloe Dale sent courgettes, baby gems, chinese cabbage, kale, spinach, turnips and herbs, Richard Bosman’s pastured pork bacon and prosciutto is in as well as a new traditional pulled pork pate called ‘rillettes’ – heavenly on sourdough – we’ve got new baby salad leaves in from Kazi Farm too, the most amazing heirloom beetroot from Ambersky farm – 2 types – golden globe which is literally a golden coloured beetroot and candy striped – pink and white – and warm sourdough loaves…quite a bit new came in yesterday so hop on to the site to see what’s in and whether you want to put an order for delivery in or come and see us at the store. 
New stock of Tracy’s soups come in today and I’ve got some new exciting things coming soon like organic pasta and tinned Italian tomatoes. We’re starting to build up stock again of dry organic goods, we’re building this up in accordance with your requests so keep chatting to us in the store. We’ve got a new book by the tills to write down your requests so that I can try and source what you need. 
On that note, those of you who have been asking me for kefir grains – I have found somebody who can supply us with some, we will have those in shortly.
I’m also expanding the range of dried organic fruit to help with school lunch-box dilemmas and to help wean children off refined sugar. 
I’m also bringing my favourite organic skincare range – made from organic olive oil and organic essential oils – O’Lief in shortly and so much  more. 
One of our customers in store yesterday said that things are getting better in the store each week – it really is like that – I’m working feverishly on supply right now and getting beef, lamb and chicken back into a more regular space. 
I can’t sell lamb though unless it has full traceability to a farm. The best areas for truly veldt reared lamb are the Karoo and Namibia. That’s a fair distance so I can’t easily verify claims which means that I need to have a good audited co-op with a veldt reared protocol that I can trust before I can put it in store. We may be able to return to Karoo Meat of Origin shortly, I’ll have news on that soon. 
Right, off to a new chicken farm, hopefully I’ll have good news on that soon. We just can’t get enough chicken in store yet – and without Croft chicken we now have to find another option for chicken portions. I can’t sell any chicken and I have to check out the farm so it makes it tricky to replace, holding thumbs that there is promise this morning. Ruth from New Harmony Farms may return to doing chickens shortly, I shall call her this morning and try and coax her further- her eggs are in store right now and I actually had to take a picture of the golden, golden yolks in the pan this morning – they are incredible. 
We have sold out on the whole chickens from The Free Range Food company – anxiously waiting for the next to be ready but we can’t rush their lives, it is what it is and we’re here to respect nature and the life that supports us. Great food takes time. 
I’ll try and find us more and more small farms that can support us rather than push one for growth which defeats the whole purpose of choosing farmers that do it properly. 
One step at a time, onwards and upwards with the Jozi Real Food Revolution. 
I am LOVING meeting you in the store. Whenever I meet somebody who has been reading the newsletters for years and been a part of this journey I feel deeply honoured. 
Chatting to you in store motivates me every day. 
Stay nourished, stay connected. 
Oh one more thing! 
We’re starting to load Jozi Real Food farms and member details up on to the Jozi Real Food site. This is a work in progress, it is going to take some time for me to get all farms and producer details up and link them to all blog articles written etc but we’ll get there. 
In time, it will be a site where you can go and check up for detail on all Jozi Real food endorsed suppliers – producers, farms and establishments contributing to the revolution.
See one of our first completed pages up on Richard Bosman below.
Lovely talking to you as always, thank you for listening, 


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