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I’m in a particularly good mood this morning.
We got new stock in yesterday (mince, sirloin, rump, fillet, beef liver, marrow bones and short rib) of Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef from Keith’s farm.
I had a very real moment yesterday when it was all in, of feeling truly blessed to have it in hand. I was told by somebody very wise, that these moments are to be treasured.
A day before my best friend passed away I was at her house and it was a difficult day, she had 2 border collies who were the love and joy of her life and one of them had to get put down.
She had made the decision to go ahead with arranging it and I was just there to be with her.
Anyhow, I’ll never forget asking her (she was a great deal older than me) ‘is life always this tough or does it get easier as you get older’?
She thought deeply before replying, as she always did,  and then she said ‘it’s like this,. Life is an uphill climb, not a downward one, it is like hiking up a mountain, it doesn’t get easier because it is always upward, but you get moments where you stop and take a break and take in the view and reflect on how far you’ve come and feel joy and a sense of achievement, much like mountaineers feel as they break on a steep climb. Then you get up and start climbing again, that’s is the nature of the journey’.
Considering that she then left the earth for good, the very next day, the significance of everything she said in our last day together especially that piece, holds sacred value for me as far as life lessons go.
I was brought back to that conversation and that moment yesterday.
After a busy time of unpacking the new stock in from Keith, I had a moment, of standing back, thinking about Keith’s farm and how special it is. Thinking about the miracle of finding a farm like this, knowing that when all is said and done, here we sit with beef that is wholly grass fed, wholly untainted from oneo f the most un-spolit farms I’ve ever seen, and I had that sense of a break on the  mountain top where I stop and feel the joy of the journey and how far we’ve come.
That’s what it means to me to have produce in hand from farmers who don’t harm the soil but treasure it.
I know, more than most, how tough it is to find untainted food. To find food that is exactly as nature designed it to be from the beginning. That is what this beef is and I feel honoured to represent it.
As much as I do to have known somebody as wise and beautiful as Jeanne was and to have been left with the richest memories of her wisdom.
I found an excellent and well referenced article this week on a site called Eat Wild, it gives a concise summary of why grass-fed beef is superior to grain-fed for your health, if you want to do some more reading on this, I’d recommend reading some of the articles on this site…Why Grass Fed Beef is So Good For You..
We’ve got great root vegetables in at the moment for roasting….we’ve got apples in too and great lemons, Lynne Whelen posted a beautiful recipe up on her blog for a real food dessert without any refined nonsense, she uses cinnamon, honey, maca powder and greek yoghurt – heavenly – I’d urge you to try that, if you’re looking for desserts that don’t strip years off your life and burden your waist line…Click Here for her blog and the recipe…
Cammy from Ambersky is cooking up a storm at the moment, if you’re looking for convenience every now and again without additives, preservatives or chemical junk and only using free range meat and antibiotic and growth hormone free dairy, see Cammy’s meals under ‘prepared meals/Ambersky’…
I celebrated Autumn this Saturday with not only cooking up a great meal but also just taking the time to bring leaves inside and bring Autumn into the table, I’ll post some pictures up on facebook and the article below gives you a recipe for the easiest and best way to make a tray of caramelized roast vegetables and to enrich your cooking experience through treating your time there as a meditation on life, nourishment and creativity…
Stay well and warm…Debbie This is crazy but I’ve taken myself to a coffee shop not even 500metres from the office because it’s actually going to be the only way I can communicate with

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