What's In Now, Roast Pepper Dew and Beef Stock Recipes..

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Just a quick one to let you know that we are open on the public holiday for orders. If you place an order in the morning, Sam will see you in the afternoon. 
We are fully stocked with the Karoo Meat of Origin Half Lamb boxes and lamb cuts. We’re fully stocked with Cammy’s prepared veggie packs and frozen meals for you as well. 
Mandy’s halloumi is in, many of you have been nagging for us to get this back, it’s back! 
Eggs and dairy are in, Goat Peter dairy, all in…and an assortment of organic winter vegetables.
If you want to place your order for the week-end, there is still time, get it in before 1pm today – we have a longer window today –  and Sam will bring your goods through to you this afternoon 
Have a wonderful week-end and Father’s Day.
By some odd twist of fate, my husband is off fishing in Namibia this week-end and my son isn’t coming home, so it turns out it’s going to be my daughter and I having a girl’s weekend! 
Saturday we’re doing markets in the morning and cooking a lamb curry for Sunday lunch which is also going to be an exclusively female affair! 
On that spicy note, always, always make your curries the day before you want to eat them. If the recipe turns out well, I’ll give it to you on Tuesday…I’m trying out something new so keep your fingers crossed…
Maybe cook Dad some lamb and these roast red peppers…?? This recipe is super easy and so delicious…
Have a wonderful one and stay warm, stay nourished and we’ll see you this afternoon, if you place your order now, or on Monday…Chat soon…Debbie

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