When Salt Is Good For You

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This article is courtesy of Samantha from Oryx Desert Salt – find their salt and pepper on our site under ‘Herbs, Spices and Salt’..
Salt is just sodium and chloride, right?
Sadly, the answer is yes if you’re talking about conventional supermarket “pure refined” salt that has had all the minerals (described as “impurities”)  stripped bare from it by sulphuric acid or chlorine and has had up to 2% toxic anti-caking and conditioning agents added to it.
Unrefined salt such as ORYX Desert SALT, on the other hand still has all the minerals and trace elements natural to salt and more importantly, in the optimal proportion which your body can easily utilise for vitality and health. For instance, the minerals such as magnesium and potassium are essential for a healthy immune system and they are most efficiently absorbed if they are ingested at the same time as sodium and choloride. 
Refined salt is a dead unnatural substance to the body. Over millennium of time, our bodies have not been exposed to salt as just sodium and choloride. Humans evolved over time using natural, unrefined salt with its full complement of minerals.  Enzymes and hormones in our bodies were designed to use salt in its whole, natural form, not in a foreign, refined state.
The consequences of using salt in a devitalised form is a poorly functioning immune system, initiation and acceleration of chronic illness, and promotion of acidity in the body.  And an acidic pH in the body is associated with many chronic illnesses including cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, and Candida as well as hormonal imbalances.  An acidic pH is well known to be a marker of the absence of health in the body.
You want to use a whole salt still alive and bursting with all its nourishing vital micro-nutrients intact.
For further reading go to David Brownstein, MD “SALT Your Way to Health”

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