Who Did You Unwittingly Invite To Breakfast This Morning?

farm breakfast in the city
New Farm Produce In:
A quick head’s up that we have new whole chickens in from Ruth Mylroie in Magaliesberg, 2 sizes, medium which is still larger than the medium you’ll find in stores, they are on average 1.5kg’s and the jumbos which are around 1.8 kg’s.
Please let us know how you find them. They are raised in a free-range environment, fed organic laying mash and given access to forage on pasture. There are no antibiotics or growth hormones in the feed.
We will have new stock from Mandy shortly, the chickens are growing slowly in this weather.
New stock of lamb arrived yesterday, all your favourite cuts are in. A quick recipe idea for lamb shank that we came across last week that is truly gorgeous…rub together a mixture of your herbs of choice (we used rosemary and thyme) with some of Mandy’s butter, until it is soft and herby. In each lamb shank cut a hollow between the bone and flesh that forms a sort of pocket. Fill the pocket with your butter herb mixture. Coat the outside of the shank with some olive oil, lemon rind, salt and pepper. Lay out an arm length sheet of foil, fold that in half and in the centre of it, place a row of chopped up garlic, carrots and onion. Lay the shank over the garlic and onion mix and fold the foil around the shank forming a cone shape around it. Before closing the top of it, pour in some white wine, seal, place on a baking sheet and cook for two hours in a moderate oven – around 175/180 degrees. Or reduce the heat of the oven to around 150 and leave for 4. This recipe just doesn’t fail. 
Also try Carol’s recipe that she tried over the week-end with the deboned lamb legs. She mixed up a tub of Mandy’s natural yoghurt, with some rosemary, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and marinade the lamb in that for 3 days. Then cooked it in the oven and served it with couscous. Apparently it was melt in the mouth delicious. The recipe is up on our facebook page if you want more of it. She has also photographed pages of the actual recipe from the recipe book, I’ll post those up to. 
Things are quite dismal like they are every Jozi winter on the fruit and vegetable front, it’s very difficult to get organic produce in Winter, not much grows well, much suffers in highveld frost and it feels like a literal vegetable drought into the thick of Winter…I’m getting through it by focusing on roasting the root vegetables that are around in abundance and the Winter citrus and of course the kale and veg packs from Ambersky farm are keeping us going…
New free-range pork coming next week…I’ll write about this happy pork farmer that has the most incredible environment for pigs, we’ll bring you some chops, bacon and some roasts from his farm next week..
Need to dash, it’s been a busy morning of writing, cooking and reflecting…there is suddenly so much to talk about…
I’ll be off and duly shut up…
Don’t forget that if you are a new customer placing an order for the first time, your first delivery is free, to claim it, you need to select ‘collect’ at checkout so that the system doesn’t charge you for delivery. Then you need to send a mail to sam@organicemporium.co.za cc debbie@organicemporium letting us know that you are a new customer, giving us your physical address and letting us know that it is for delivery. 
Similarly, for existing customers, every 4th delivery will be free of charge. To claim it, please follow the same procedure, don’t forget to pop us a mail or else we’ll see ‘collect’ and leave it here for you! 
Warmest, warmest, warmest Regards, Debbie
Stay warm, Stay nourished..

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